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Do you ever feel somewhat behind in your knowledge of Instagram features? You can likely get around and do the basics with Instagram. But when you take a look at every other Instagrammer, they appear to be more advanced and know all the secrets, don’t they?

Well, it is not something to be ashamed of. Social networks are continually advancing and changing which can make hard to keep up with even for the experienced users. It’s never too late to learn and grow with the advancements. So, if you need to brush, here are 10 Instagram features and hacks that will help take you to next level.

1. Delete comments on your posts

Is there an inappropriate or unsavory comment on your post that you would like to delete? Don’t worry about it! Just touch the speech bubble below your post, swipe to the left side on comment and select trash-can symbol. Perhaps the most handy Instagram feature for us bloggers! 


2. Put multiple pictures in one post

Instagram extended their photo-uploading capacities earlier this year so now you can incorporate up to 10 pictures in your single post.

Begin by pressing the + symbol, as you would ordinarily do when making the new post. At that point tap the Select Multiple button on the right side that looks like 2 overlaying squares. Select the photos you want to publish, press Next to pick the filters, and press Next again to include captions before submitting.

(One of the most recent Instagram features!)


3. Get notifications when people post

You can select to get the notification each time a particular user posts new picture. To turn on these notices, visit the user’s profile, tap the three spots in the upper right-hand corner of the post, and pick “Turn on Post Notifications” from the menu. 

(One of the most trending Instagram features)


4. See all the posts you’ve Liked

Ever wanted to see all the posts you’ve Liked at a glance? Go to your profile and tap the “Options” button – the gear symbol on iPhone/iPad, and three spots on the Android mobile – at that point, click “Posts You’ve Liked.” 

(One of the top rated Instagram features)


5. Put a border on your photo

The double-tapping filter additionally brings up a new feature. To one side of intensity slider, there is a box-like symbol. Tap it to add the border to the photo. They can be utilized to give your photographs a cool feel that will make it stand out.

6. Set up 2-Factor authentication  

You can never be excessively cautious when it comes to the online security, even with your Instagram. So, you can set up the 2-Factor authentication from your account settings, requirement a code be texted to you when logging into your account on a new device. You can read more about 2 factor authentication here.

(One of the top Instagram features for added account security!)


7. Clear your search history

There’s no disgrace in wanting to clear your search history.  Luckily there is an Instagram feature that gives us the alternative to clear it. Tap the Options symbol on your profile and look down to Clear Search History.


8. Change the links in your Bio

You don’t need to keep the same link in your profile on the off chance that you would prefer not to. Don’t hesitate to change it out whenever you want.

9. Hide ads you don’t find relevant

Instagram gets advertisements in from of you that they deem fascinating and important to you. To hide promotions on Instagram, tap on the three dots to the right side of the post named “Sponsored,” and select “Hide This.”


10. Send photos privately to your friends

Posting photographs with the public or all your followers is not the only way to share content on the Instagram. You can descreetly share them to multiple or individual users. When you get to “Share” page, tap the top where it says “New Post,” however when incited, select “Direct Message.” From there, you can select the person(s) you want to sent photo.

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on latest Instagram features!