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Instagram only recently began offering its own analytics which however are only available for business profiles. Their analytics are limited however constantly expanding as Instagram grows. Fortunately, there are some great Instagram analytics tools accessible to enable brands to comprehend what resonates with their followers and how they can upgrade their content.

We’ve gathered a list of 4 free Instagram analytics tools that we love to help you with your Instagram marketing.

1. Socialbakers

With the free Socialbakers Instagram analytics tool, you can get reports on your most prominent Instagram posts, hashtags, and filters, and also report on your interaction with followers.

Their reports are visually engaging, yet navigating them is somewhat awkward. The most valuable areas are the most liked and most viewed posts since this data can help highlight the sorts of content that perform better on your profile.


2. Simply Measured

Simply Measured, a free Instagram analytics tool that offers an Instagram report in return for following their Twitter account, and level of the detail on the report makes that a pretty good deal.

This tool is accessible for users with less than 25,000 followers, and the information is accessible in a simple to peruse charts or the raw numbers. You can download the information into Excel to dissect it facilitate you and make custom graphics and charts. The report demonstrates an extensive variety of engagement measurements, including most popular tags, peak days and times to post, most popular filter, and the highest engagement on sites outside the Instagram.


3. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an amazing tool for free Instagram analytics. It shows measurements on the recent posts and development, a month to month examination, and details broken down by posts separated into year, month, hour, and day.

There are tabs that show engagement with photographs, for every post published, and the optimization tab that lays out the best and worst times to publish content. You can also manage your Instagram account directly from the dashboard including commenting and liking other posts.


4. Union Metrics

Union Metrics tool is a multi-channel social analytics program. It offers a free Instagram account report that utilizes some of the paid instrument’s algorithms. The report considers your record for as far back as a month, and you can revive the report daily.

The Union Metrics report demonstrates to you the number of individuals that have engaged with your content including top users. The content you have posted in the course of the most recent month appear on a chart, and the greatest day and time to post is shown, including points of interest of the amount greater engagement that time gets contrasted with your average engagement.