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Instagram themes are a great way to have your Instagram feed stand out from the rest. Instagram themes give your posts a strong feel and look, helping you to make a cohesive individual brand aesthetic. While the theme is not generally noticeable when viewing one post, however once they visit your page and view the feed cohesively, the impact is seen.

In this post, we will go over how you can pick the correct theme for you and we will give you 7 Instagram theme ideas that you can choose from. 

1. Borders

Borders are simple and fast approach to adding a theme to your Instagram feed. It is really simple to keep up, and only needs slight edits to each photograph you post. There are a ton of apps available out there that can make the job easier such as, as Canva, Typorama, and Ripl!

Barre_boss is the fitness motivation account that uses a white border on every one of its Instagram posts to frame the photos.


2. Spread/Grid

The grid theme is an awesome approach to tell a story with your Instagram posts. This theme is somewhat trickier in light of the fact that your photographs still need to make sense and not be overly distorted when viewed individually.

Opendorse is an online networking company for proficient athletes. They have mastered this theme.


3. Filter

Filter themes is the most commonly used Instagram theme, yet still the customization ideas are endless. The trick to mastering this theme is editing every image you post in the exact same way. Your filter then becomes your trademark style. Some choose to switch it up every so often, while others stick to the same theme.

Marianna_hewitt is an Instagram guru and blogger! She utilizes filters themes in sets of 9, 12, or 15 so she can switch between couple of various styles yet keep her Instagram feed clean and visually pleasing.


4. Photo Orientation

Photo Orientation theme is another approach to help stand out from other content within your audience’s Instagram feed. The idea here is to crop all your images to the same size and orientation. This gives your feed a more unique look rather than the default squared posts.

Nuvibelnk is a smoothie and coffeehouse in Lincoln, NE using this theme.


5. Backgrounds

Utilizing a consistent colored background for photos helps your content truly stand out. The most widely recognized approach to accomplish this look is by utilizing a photo box and putting your items or subject things in there for your photograph.

Feyacandles, candle organization in Nebraska, is a feed that utilizes a white background in their Instagram posts.


6. Color Pops

Picking a shading or two to feature in each photograph is a bit tricker than some of the other feed themes but probably one of the more captivating themes. You can pick any hues you need, however keeping it to a couple of your image hues is what helps you nail this theme.

kneilmelicano is designer that builds his Instagram feed around various pantones.


7. Your Product/Brand

Utilizing your product and brand colours is an extraordinary approach to set up your feed unique from the competitors. This approach helps solidify brand recognition online by familiarizing your audience to your brand colors, look and feel.

Mini uses the photos of their cars. This Instagram theme creates the impression that you can experience this inclination on the off chance that you have your own particular Mini.

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on creating a perfect Instagram theme.