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So, you’re on Instagram and you’re doing the best you can do to figure out how to use it efficiently and maximize its benefits. While using Instagram, you might just be making little errors that could have a big effect on how well your Instagram account is performing. Whether you’re an expert Instagrammer or you’re just getting started, we have compiled 8 of the most common Instagram fails with our tips on how to avoid them.

1. Not Responding to Comments

Many Instagram users think that the job is done once they’ve posted their video or photo. But that is probably by far the biggest mistake you can make! If your overall goal is to grow your following or build a customer base, you need to engage back with people. Take 10-15 minutes out of each day to read each comment left and react to them. Some comments only warrant a like, while others can definitively use a reply, use your discretion.

2. Missing Link in Account Bio

A big way many brands and bloggers drive traffic to their websites or blogs from Instagram and social media. Although Instagram still do not allow clickable links in captions, using your bio to house your website link is a key to driving traffic. Once your link is added, You can either edit your bio to bring attention to the link, or add a quick call to action in your captions.

3. Posting Low-Quality Photos

As I’m sure you know, Instagram is about the visuals and with the rise of top quality displays on mobile phones, high quality content is key. Avoid posting overly edited or blurry images, unless of course grainy look is your thing (See Kim KW’s IG).  Strive to set the bar high with tastefully satisfying and perfectly edited images.

4. Keeping Your Instagram Account Private

If brand visibility and page growth are you goals you are definitively not doing yourself any favors with a private profile. Unless following you, users cannot preview any of your content in private mode thus driving down the chances they will follow you. Private profiles are usually best for child accounts, private profiles and those looking to keep a low profile.

5. Using Too Many Hashtags

Probably one of the biggest debates relating to Instagram, how many hashtags are ideal? The answer is, that is totally your call. To give you some insight, the limit set by Instagram is 30 hashtags, whereas experts say on average using at least 11 top hashtags is ideal to generate the most engagement. We say stick to anything between 11 – 30 keeping in mind you are using high quality and relevant hashtags.

6. Posting at Random Times

Understanding peak times on Instagram for your region can definitively impact your engagement. If you’re not sure how to determine this, look to your own schedule to gauge. Typically, people will check Instagram just after they wakeup, as they get to the office/school, on their lunch, during their afternoon break, on their way home or as they get home, evening time. From this, we gauge peak times around 7am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm. At first this might be trial and error but once you find the peak times that suit your profile, you’ll notice that increase.

7. Not Using Calls To Action

Although they say an image is worth a 1000 words, on Instagram your caption can be just as powerful. Using your caption as a call to action to get your audience behaving how you want is an extremely key tool. Asking them things like to comment their opinions, tag a friend or even click the link on your bio will help influence their actions once they’ve seen your post.

8. Posting Too Many Images Simultaneously

We all have that one friend on Instagram that literally posts their entire photo album each time they post, and we all know how annoying that is. Experiment after experiment has proven posting too many pictures simultaneously is one of the best ways to be unfollowed on Instagram. Unless you’re posting a grid image, try to avoid posting multiple images back to back and rather space them out throughout the day as not to annoying your followers.

Stay tuned to the blog for more articles on Instagram Fails!