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One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your Instagram is through the use of branded quotes. This gives you a chance to get a message and your brand name or logo out to potential followers, and also potentially have it posted by them. The process is fairly easier than what you’d think with the aid of free and easy apps for Instagram quotes; you can sign up for a daily quotes service or find something relating to your mood or tone of the day. Just remember to always mention who the quote was made by, as a best practice.

Once you got your quote, you just need to get creative. Think of styles, colours and other features you want to help showcase your quote. You can design something in Photoshop if your skill level permits, but for those of us on the go or unfamiliar with Adobe, here are five of our recommended apps for Instagram quotes!

Meme Generator

This app is simple, quick and allows the use of your own photo or a stock image, which makes it great for a beginner or something not wanting to spend too much time on creatives. Meme Generator is extremely easy to navigate for any user and produces a square shaped image for your feed.

Image Quote

Image Quote is perfect for the creative beginner and it’s design is pretty clean and straightforward. You can choose from multiple fonts styles, blur your background and allows layering of items. This app also automatically creates line breaks which wraps the text for you, allowing the adjustment of size and fonts without the need to redo the sentence structure.  This app is a free version however additional backgrounds are available for a small cost.

Word Dream

This is an app that takes all the hard work out of being creative allowing you to easily design one of a kind quotes. Word Dream gives you multiple fonts, filters and effects, auto line break options and present fonts and layouts. You can also crop in different sizes and layer your text for different effects.

Word Swag

This app is similar to Word Dream however they do offer differences with styles and variations on each one. On Word Swag you have multiple image sizes, filters and a twitter preview area. There are also the options to add transparency or color inversions to fonts and comes with a library of stock quotes for you to choose from. This is the only paid app on our list but all the features and customizations make it worth it for someone with the budget.


Canvas has to be one of our favorites, it comes with preset themes and has a nice array of images to choose from. You can customize things like character and line spacing and they have a wide variety of fonts and layout styles available. Canva really provides the most freedom when it comes to total customizations.

Each app, other than Word Swag, is free and available for Android and iOS. So what are you waiting for? Boost your Instagram exposure through the use of personalized memes and quotes. And of course don’t forget to include your logo or username for maximum exposure!

Stay tuned to the blog for more articles on apps for Instagram quotes!