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Whether you use Instagram for fun or for your business by now you’re familiar with Instagram Stories. They’re a fun addition to your Instagram feed that allows you to share in the moment content with your audience. Within just a few clicks you can share a snap of your morning coffee, latest Instagram post or the perfection of golden hour. But if you’re looking to start taking things to the next level, there’s a ton of apps for Instagram Stories that can help you stand out from the crowd!

For those using Instagram to build their online brand or business Instagram Stories are extremely valuable. Aside from being an indicator that you’re an active profile on Instagram, posting daily helps boost your reach and attract new followers. With a Business Profile over 10,000 followers you gain access to the swipe up feature which is an extremely helpful tool to draw viewers to your online shop or website.

Influencers and content creators also have a lot of use for their Instagram Stories to build up their personal brands. It’s a great way to get out from behind your Instagram Feed and share your personality with your followers. For those with over 10,00 followers and a Creator Profile eventually your Instagram Stories become an important tool for sharing collaborations, blog posts and affiliate links. But the field of Influencers is bigger than ever therefore it’s important to find ways for your content to stand out on it’s own. Using powerful editing apps for Instagram Stories can help you personalize your content to your brand and stand out from your competition.


Why Do Quality Instagram Stories Matter?

With everyone using Instagram Stories it’s important your content is engaging enough to stop your audience from swiping past it. Using editing apps for Instagram Stories is a great way to personalize your content even further and turn a simple picture or video into something that will attract viewers to your profile. We have a lot of valuable content on the Wolf Blog to help with creating content for your Instagram Stories.

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_2

Once you have your content created, it’s time to start piecing everything together. There are so many editing apps for Instagram Stories, and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which ones to download. But don’t sweat it, that’s why we rounded up 10 of the most popular editing apps for Instagram Stories to get your content looking like a pro!


Top 10 Apps For Instagram Stories


1) Splice

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_Splice

If you looking for one of the best video editing apps for Instagram Stories then look no further than Splice. It’s a classic video editing app that allows you to create professional looking videos directly on your phone. With this app, there is no need to worry about powerful video editing programs to do simple edits like trimming footage or adding transitions between frames!

Key Features

  • Edit multiple videos and/or images into one video
  • Multiple transition styles with ability to control speed
  • Video speed control for fast or slow motion
  • Add music and sound effects to videos

Download for iOS.


2) KUNI Cam

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_KUMI Cam

KUNI Cam is an app that everyone should have downloaded on their phones. One of our favourite apps for Instagram Stories and image editing, KUNI Cam is popular for its vintage style editing tools that are all the rage lately. You can edit your content with the help of different filters, dust effects, light-leaks and our favorite the 3D effect.

Key Features

  • Over 190 Premium filters and hundreds of light-leak and dust effects
  • Vintage style photo and video editing with timestamps
  • Add 3D effects and control the intensity and style
  • Create your own edit recipes for fast editing

Download for iOS and Android.


3) Over

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_Over

If you’re looking for an app to edit to your Instagram Stories with fonts and graphics that will stand out, Over is probably the app for you! It’s an app to easily edit videos and images either from scratch using their huge library of fonts and graphics or with one of their many templates available. Once you’re done creating your content, Over lets you either post directly to social media, schedule your post or save it to your phone.

Key Features

  • Create content from videos and images using templates, or designing your own
  • Large library of unique fonts and graphics
  • Post or schedule content directly to Instagram directly from app

Download for iOS and Android.


4) Hype Type

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_HypeType

Hype Type is another great Instagram Story editor app if you’re looking to motion text to your content. You can add automated quotes, text and titles to your Instagram Stories with the ability to place when the text shows in the clip and choose from a variety of styles and fonts.

Key Features

  • Multiple motion text styles with a variety of fonts to choose from
  • Add your own text, or use one of their randomly generated quotes
  • Post content directly to Instagram or save it to your phone

Download for iOS.


5) Unfold

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_Unfold

One of the most popular Instagram Story template apps out there, Unfold will certainly not disappoint. If you’ve wondered how to add multiple photos to one Instagram Story in those film templates, this is the Instagram Story collage app for you! Choose from a huge collection of different collage templates to bring life to your Instagram Stories, and soon everyone will be asking you how to make a collage on Instagram Story!

Key Features

  • Over 150 templates to choose from including Film Frames
  • Capture content directly in app, or use already save videos and photos
  • Edit with filters, text and stickers to personalize your content

Download for iOS and Android.


6) StoryLuxe

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_StoryLuxe

Another app similar to Unfold, and another on the list of popular apps for Instagram Stories is Storyluxe. We love app because like Unfold, you can use both video and pictures to create collages from a huge library. They update the app regularly with new collages and always include holiday and seasonal themed collections. The one thing that certainly sets this app apart from Unfold is you can customize the branding on certain sets like the film frames, and add your own backgrounds.

Key Features

  • Over 600 unique templates and backgrounds
  • Customizable backgrounds and branding
  • Add text to your content with their library of 16 fonts
  • Templates fit Instagram Story and 4:5 Instagram feed sizes

Download for iOS.



Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_SCRL

SCRL is actually for creating seamless carousel images for your Instagram feed, but it also has a lot of great templates for Instagram Stories too! The app does take a bit of getting used to but once you figure it out, SCRL actually allows for a lot of freedom to create content that stands out.

Key Features

  • Multiple template collections
  • Options to create from scratch
  • Instagram Story and Instagram Feed carousel templates

Download for iOS.


8) Adobe Spark Post

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_Adobe Spark

If you’re running an Instagram account for a business or brand, this is probably one of the top apps for Instagram Stories you can download. Having the power of Adobe on your phone this app allows you to create content not just for your Instagram, but also Facebook and pretty much any digital platform you can think of. It’s especially useful for creating marketing content to promote sales and online content with their massive library of templates. You can also create something completely custom using their of fonts, icons, shapes and more! But probably the most noteworthy use of Spark Post is the ability to create Story Highlights for your bio. Above all we love that you can access Spark Post on your browser too, for easy editing on a computer. You’ll need a seperate app, Spark Video, to edit video content but both are well worth it!

Key Features

  • Mobile app and browser access
  • Add your own logos and pictures
  • Huge collection of templates fonts, icons and more

Download for iOS and Android.


9) StoryArt

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_StoryArt

Another of the top editing apps for Instagram Stories to help you create eye-catching collages with your images and videos is StoryArt. Similarly to Unfold, StoryArt also has a wide range of collage templates, but they are organized in a collection of templates meant for multi-frame stories. They have an extensive collection of templates, filters and other edits to help you elevate your content. Most noteworthy is their collection animated templates that add additional life to your Instagram Stories.

Key Features

  • 2000+ templates including animated
  • Highlight cover templates to organize your Stories
  • Filter effects for photos and in-app camera

Download for iOS and Android.


10) StoryBoost

Wolf Global_Apps For Instagram Stories_StoryBoost

Finally we have StoryBoost. The app is a little different than all the other collage apps for Instagram Stories, because of their templates that come in a multi-frame sets. These templates allow you to take multiple images and videos and create cohesive storytelling that will certainly captivate your audience. StoryBoost really has all that you need to take your Instagram Stories to a whole other level.

Key Features

  • 1000+ template library
  • Multi-frame with transitions for cohesive storytelling
  • Video and image compatible

Download for iOS.


Although a lot of these apps for Instagram Stories are all very similar, they each have their own unique features so it’s never a bad thing to use more than one. We hope that as a result of going through our list of top apps for Instagram Stories you’ve found something that works for you. Whether you plan on downloading one or all of these apps for Instagram Stories, adding unique touches to your content is an excellent way to keep your audience interested!