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Beauty content is one of the hottest categories across Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, and social media in general. This content category boasts some of the best brands, biggest influencers and greatest consumer impact. There are tons of beauty influencers and beauty content out there, and honestly, they all make it look so easy! To be truthful, though, beauty content is some of the hardest content to create and create well. Beauty bloggers have to be experts on make up, yes, but also on lighting, video, video editing, photography, retouching. It takes a lot to be an exceptional beauty blogger, but don’t get overwhelmed! In the article, we’re breaking down our best tips for creating beauty content for Instagram.


Beauty Content For Instagram

Beauty Content Tip #1:  Maximizing Your Content

When it comes to beauty and make up, we want to see it all, from all angles. Making a beauty tutorial video takes a lot of time and effort, both during filming and in the post-processing. It’s important to maximize the use of every look or routine you’re creating. For example, if you’re creating a YouTube makeup look video, be sure to set the camera wide enough that it can be cropped to fit the aspect ratio for IGTV. After you’ve filmed, make sure you take that opportunity to take a few selfies and shoot still photos for Instagram. 

For the amount of work it takes to create beauty content, it only makes sense to maximize the content by getting the most photo/video usage out of each look you create.

Beauty Content Tip #2:  The Magic is in the Lighting

There’s nowhere that lighting is more important than in beauty content. Lighting is where the magic is and how the magic happens. It can be a bit pricey to purchase adequate lighting, but if you don’t, your beauty content is going to be a noticeable step (or a few steps) below the content being put out by other beauty influencers.

The magic lighting comes from what’s called a ring light. The camera or filming equipment sits in the center of the ring, allowing the light to fully illuminate your entire face without shadow or inconsistency. Ring lights can be purchased at any professional camera shop or on Amazon. It’ll cost around $100-$150 for the real deal. The great thing about Amazon is that the ring lights are typically sold in kits that include camera mounts and other related equipment for filming. If you’re going for that high-quality, ultra professional looking vibe for your beauty content, we highly recommend spending the money to invest in a ring light. It really does make a world of difference in both filming and still photos.

Beauty Content Tip #3:  Shake It Up

When creating beauty content, we suggest shaking it up to make sure your content doesn’t get too stale. While the possibilities with makeup and skincare seem endless, sitting down to figure out a look or a routine to video or shoot can be a tricky task. You can only create so many smokey eye looks, or natural “no makeup makeup” looks before your viewers or followers will get bored of it. The best part about makeup is the artistry behind it, and if you look at the loyal followings of mega beauty influencers like @jamescharles and @colecarrigan, it pretty much speaks for itself. Not all of the looks they post are appropriate for every day, and some are so artistic that they aren’t really great for any day besides Halloween. That’s besides the point though! Providing your audience with a healthy mix of practical looks, tips and tricks, and amazingly artistic looks will keep them interested, engaged and loyal.

Beauty Content Tip #4:  Don’t Forget About the Brands!

Yes, first and foremost, the content you create as a beauty blogger is about the look, but it’s important not to forget to showcase the products and brands you’ve used to create that look. With video, it’s the industry standard to show the products you’re using as you’re applying them to your face. We highly suggest also listing out the specific products and their respective brands in the caption section of your Instagram post. Be sure to also tag the brands as you’re listing out what you’ve used to achieve your final look.

These principles are easy to follow and benefit both you and your followers. Your followers get the benefit of seeing which products you use and being exposed to new products to try. You, on the other hand, get the benefit of potentially being reposted by a brand you featured, gaining more exposure to brands for collaboration purposes, and in general, just more exposure to the beauty industry. 

Beauty Content Tip #5:  Know Your Angle & Be Consistent With It

Having a focus is key in the beauty industry. Are you a hairstylist? A makeup artist? A skincare guru? Building a personal brand is what will set you apart from the other beauty influencers of the world. Take @farahdhukai for example. This mega influencer has amassed a following of 6.6 million, and that’s in large part due to the fact that she’s been unwavering in her pursuit of establishing herself as an at-home beauty genius. Farah’s followers have no confusion about what content they can expect from her, and have come to trust her entirely with the natural concoctions she creates to treat everything from acne to discoloration and hair growth. Being consistent with your beauty content not only creates loyalty, but also builds trust and gives people a reason to keep coming back to your page.

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