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YouTube isn’t the only go-to when it comes to beauty secrets, tips and must-haves. Instagram is filled with beauty bloggers, accounts and brands sharing content that is a great source of inspiration when you’re looking to give your look a little tweak. In this post – we’ll have a look at some of the best beauty inspiration Instagram accounts!

Looking through #beauty on Instagram turns up whopping 200 million posts but with so much content, it might be hard to pin down a good beauty guru or makeup artist to discover. That’s why we rounded up our favorite Instagram accounts that keep the beauty inspiration coming!


Daniel Chinchilla is a makeup artist and beauty expert based in Hollywood. He’s responsible for beauty looks from the likes of Ariana Grande (including while she was on tour), and has worked with Sofia Richie a few times. He often posts his favorite products and tools when he’s not sharing his latest makeup creations with #beautybydchinchilla. His quirky and bubbly personality really comes through on his feed and his posts never fail to entertain or teach me a new beauty technique.


Robin Black is the makeup artist and photographer behind the Instagram account and website Beauty Is Boring. We’ve been following him for a long while and the clean aesthetic to his feed is bound to captivate and inspire every beauty love out there. We recommend you follow her on Instagram for her bold and bright beauty looks and head to the website for loads more content like videos, full editorials and product reviews.


Pat McGrath is a cosmetics legend and if you haven’t heard of her, are you even into beauty? You’ve likely come across her looks in editorial spreads and online, since she’s been in the beauty game for over two decades and has worked with pretty much every big name including most recently, Kim Kardashian. Although Pat’s page is more of a place for her personal inspiration versus makeup tutorials and reviews, she’s an iconic player in the industry and someone every beauty enthusiast needs to follow.


Anastasia Beverly Hills is a makeup industry icon known as the first to introduce brow shaping and products based on her patented Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method. What started as a little salon in Beverly Hills has grown into a cosmetic line with a wide range of products from her classic eyebrow powders and pomades to eyeshadows and lipsticks. She’s a favorite of celebrities like the Kardashians, Rachel Zoe and supermodel Cindy Crawford. Their Instagram page features of makeup artists, product reviews and even some snapshots into Anastasia’s life. Make sure to watch their Stories for daily makeup tutorials from their resident makeup artist and Marketing expert Alyssa Marie.


Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta is a real deal. His Instagram feed is chock full of beauty inspiration. From clean and simple to bold and flashy, Ta has a look for every kind of vibe. His website is packed with tutorials which are great to get inspiration from. Patrick has worked with the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid so you can be reassured that he knows his stuff!

Stay tuned to the blog for more content on top beauty inspiration Instagram accounts!