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As you’ve probably read on multiple blogs and websites, including ours here, quality content is a big part in growing your followers on Instagram. While the camera quality on phones nowadays from Samsung to iPhone to the Google Pixel and more has significantly improved, mobile photography has never been easier and of superior quality. If you’re looking to grow your content capabilities and get into photography, it might be time to look for a portable camera. And this post we’ve rounded up the best portable cameras for Instagram!

Portable cameras also come in so many options these days. You have your classic point and shoot digitals which produce great quality images and videos and there are mirrorless cameras which are a great alternative to the heavier DSLRs for travel or carrying around daily. Whether you’re just looking to test the waters with an affordable starter camera or are ready to invest in something a little more long-term we’ve rounded up our recommendations for portable cameras for taking Instagram content, whether it be videos or images. Keep reading to see if your top pick made our list!

1) Sony Alpha a600 Mirrorless Camera, $548 

The Sony Alpha series of cameras is a huge favorite of bloggers and even seasoned photographers. These mirrorless cameras have great features like changeable lenses, HD video capability with audio recording and a built in flash that is quite impressive for its size. This camera also has Wi-Fi capability allowing you to send your images and videos instantly to your mobile device or even to your computer wirelessly.

#1 Best Portable Camera for Instagram content! Buy Here

2) Canon PowerShot SX730 HS, $398.99

Canon makes amazing cameras and their point and shoot range is no disappointment. This bad boy has 20.3 megapixels to capture all your image and video needs and Wi-Fi to get them posted online that much quicker. Its slim design makes it easy to carry in your bag or even pocket and it weighs less than a pound so carrying it around with you daily is no sweat.

#2 Best Portable Camera for Instagram content! Buy Here

3) Nikon COOLPIX A300, $124

Another classic point and shoot digital camera, this Nikon CoolPix is the most affordable option on our list making it a great option for those with smaller budgets. It still has a bunch of great features like built-in Wi-Fi, video recording and has over 20 megapixels to capture your content!

#3 Best Portable Camera for Instagram content! Buy Here

4) Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70, $397

This Panasonic is no average digital camera. It’s 20.3 megapixel lense can not only take pictures, but 4K HD video. Yes, you read that right. Regardless of its power, it’s still a compact and sleek design great to take on vacation or on the go. Although its priced a little high for a digital camera, it’s video capabilities make it a great option for creators who do a lot of video content.

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5) Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera, $649

Another great mirrorless camera on our list that has a tone of great features for digital content creators. It shoots both video and image and has JPEG and RAW recording modes among others making great for flexibility when it comes to image editing. Asides from it being a powerful and multi-functional camera, it also has a great look for any of your content or flat lay needs!

#5 Best Portable Camera for Instagram content! Buy Here

Stay tuned to the blog for more articles on best portable cameras for Instagram content!