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These days with more time spent at home, lots of us are coming up with new hobbies to keep us busy. One activity you might have turned to is brushing up on your culinary skills. And if you’re reading this you’ve probably decided it’s time to turn your passion into a blog. To help get you started on the right path today we’re talking all about the best tools for food bloggers.

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Food blogging has become a huge niche during the digital age. Recipe books on kitchen shelves have been replaced by Pinterest boards and food Influencers. So while it is an area that is extremely saturated, that doesn’t mean beginners can’t carve out something for ourselves. Just like with any project or hobby, to do your best you really need to have the best tools available to you. And that couldn’t be more true in the digital world. Visual content rules and having top quality content improves your chances of standing out.

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The culinary world has always depended on visual presentation, whether it’s restaurants showcasing menus or a chef sharing recipes. But with food blogging, presentation is only half the part of creating mouth watering images. You want to create an entire story that allows your audience to feel like they can taste the image.

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You’ve built your website, created your social platforms and now you’re ready to go. So get started on your visual content with the best tools for food bloggers.

Best Tools For Food Bloggers


Wolf Global_Best Tools For Food Bloggers_Camera

No matter what niche you fall under, every good blogger needs a great camera. You might start off by snapping content with your phone, but if you’re looking to take it to the next level, the first food blogger tool everyone needs is a camera.

There are so many affordable cameras on the market to get started, whether it’s for photos or videos. It’s ideal to do your research to make sure the camera you get fits your needs. DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras like the Sony Alpha a6000 are great options for beginner cameras.

In addition to a camera, you might want to also invest in a tripod to make shooting your content that much easier.

Lighting Equipment

Wolf Global_Best Tools For Food Bloggers_Good Lighting

Shooting with prime lighting conditions can be limiting. Especially if your home or shoot location doesn’t have that many windows. While natural light is always preferred in photography, every great content creator has a good lighting set up.

The good news is that these days there are so many affordable options for lighting equipment. Ring lights are a super popular choice for bloggers, and you can get a full setup for under $100. On the other hand if you’re looking for something a little more professional, you might want to consider a lightbox set.

Content Plan

Wolf Global_Best Tools For Food Bloggers_Content Plan

If you’re looking to take food blogging seriously and even eventually monetize your hobby, like any good business you need a plan. While working on a whim to create content is one way to go, having a solid content plan can make things that much easier for you.

Planning out your content in advance not only helps you save time brainstorming, but it also gives you a better sense of direction. You can come up with blog themes based on the season or holiday, and construct a strategic plan for your blogging goals.

Kitchen Accessories

Wolf Global_Best Tools For Food Bloggers_Kitchen Accessories

Earlier we talked about food content being more than just about the food looking good. It’s about creating an entire story with your image. That is where your kitchen accessories come into play. While a bowl of spaghetti will always look delicious, it can easily be elevated with a few simple props. Things like colanders, cutting boards and kitchen utensils are all great accessories that also have practical use.

But your average kitchen accessories just won’t make the cut. Afterall, when it comes to food blogging and content it’s all about the aesthetic. Places like H&M have some amazing kitchen accessories that are sure to step up your food photography game.

Fresh Ingredients

Wolf Global_Best Tools For Food Bloggers_Fresh Ingredients

If there is one thing that reigns as the best tool for food bloggers, it’s fresh ingredients. Any chef will tell you your food is only as good as your ingredients. In addition to being key parts of your recipe, they also make great props for your photography or videography. Anyone in the food content creation space will always tell you to buy extras of each of your ingredients so you can have a few for the images. Cooking a blueberry pie? Using butter, blueberries and flour to decorate your finished product are great ways to add depth to your content.


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