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Last year we saw huge rise in the popularity of video content, which was already trending in growth. Marketers and content creators alike are realizing the potential of video when it comes to building their brand. Because of this, it’s not longer enough to just shoot and publish video content. You need to put effort into creating quality content that’ll help you to stand out from the rest. One way to do that is by having the best video editing apps and tools at your disposal.

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While a budding Instagram creator sees the value in video content a small business owner might be a bit more hesitant. Understanding the value that video content brings to your brand is the first step. But asides from that, learning how easy creating video content actually is might come as a relief. The other big misconception is that video creation requires a generous budget if you want to product quality content. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of affordable and even free video editing apps on the market for both Android and iPhone users.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest video editing apps we’ve tried and tested, and recommend you consider for your 2022 content creation process!

Best Video Editing Apps for 2022

GoPro Quik

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Quik is a free app created by makers of GoPro that allows you to create videos in a flash. It’s a perfect fit for those who are new to video editing or who are looking to make the process easier. Just add your video clips into the app and let Quik do all the heavy lifting. The app will automatically find key moments withing your footage, add transitions and video effects. You can also go in yourself to change clip lengths, speed and add text. There’s also a robust music library to choose from to help tie your video all together.

One of the great things about the Quik app is that you have the option to save your creation, or upload it directly to a variety of social media networks. This is great if you’re using the app to create content for Instagram or TikTok.

Download Links: Android | iOS


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Another app by GoPro, Splice goes one step further than it’s counterpart Quik. This video editing app is free to use and gives you a bit more control over the creation process. Unlike Quik video editing is done completely by you. You can add videos and photos, control clip lengths, speed and transitions. And there’s also a full music and sound effect library to help add audio to your videos. One benefit to Splice is you can add multiple audio tracks into one video, and create transitions for them as well.

Once videos are ready, they can be saved to your phone or published straight to social media. Overall compared to Quik this is definitively an app for those who are more experienced with video editing, or want to be more hands on. One thing to keep is mind is if you delete original videos from your phone, it will also delete them from your clips. So be sure to save your final products before removing original videos once no longer needed.

Download Links: Android | iOS

Adobe Premiere Rush

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For those who are familiar with Adobe’s range of editing programs for desktops, they’ll likely want to check out Adobe Premiere Rush. Their mobile video editing app is everything you’d except out of an Adobe product. Premiere Rush is available for free, and integrates with your Adobe Create Cloud account. It’s a great app for those looking for a more powerful set of video editing abilities while on the go. The app itself is easy to use with a simplified interface that extremely user friendly. So both those who are familiar and new to Adobe products can navigate the app with ease.

It allows you to add up to 4 videos and 3 audio tracks per project, so while there are some limitations they aren’t particularly restrictive to the creative process. As far as editing goes you have all the functions you’d expect: video speed, trimming, cropping and colour correcting. And of course you can choose to upload your videos directly to social media or save them to your phone.

Download Links: Android | iOS


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InShot is a great app for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one tool for all their video content needs. Whether it’s your classic video editing or creating visually appealing video collages, it can do it all. In comparison to the last two apps on our list, InShot is a lot easier to use for those just starting out with video editing. It has a user friend interface that lets you add effects, music, voice-overs, adjust the speed and add texts to your videos. The only downfall to this app is the free version leaves a watermark on any video you create. Luckily the paid version is only $2.99 and removes both watermarks and advertisements.

Download Links: Android | iOS


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If you’re looking for another app recommendation that takes all the work out of video editing, check out Magisto. This app uses artificial intelligence to create amazing video content in minutes. With just three easy steps, Magisto will produce a video based on the editing style, selected music and media clips selected. So instead of taking hours to edit a video just the way you want it this app does the heavy lifting for you. You can choose editing styles based on your particular niche too, like Fashion or Travel, which can help to create videos that will attract your specific audience.

Download Link: Android | iOS


So with all the great video editing apps to choose from, you might feel a little lost on where to start. Our best advice is to find an app that works for your skill level when it comes to video editing. If you choose to work with a tool that is too complex you won’t be as inclined to get the work done. You should also consider what exactly it is you’re looking for when it comes to video content. Are you looking to produce high quality YouTube content, or short videos for Instagram Reels? Each of these apps have their own pros and cons depending on your overall needs, so if you’re still not sure it doesn’t help to give each of them a test run.

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