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The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on all of our lives, and is forcing us to make big changes in our lifestyles. A lot of us have had to result to staying at home for extended periods of time as we self-isolate and practice social distancing. For businesses and especially content creators this means not being able to get out into their cities to create content. This can cause quite a panic for those who had scheduled collaborations or campaigns that need to be delivered. But the truth is there are plenty of opportunities for creating Instagram content at home like outfit pictures, skin care routines and even sharing homemade recipes.

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It’s important that you try and stay connected with your Instagram followers during these difficult times, regardless of the circumstances. It’s also nice to be able to provide your audience with some light and refreshing content to escape with. So stay active and post content regularly by creating Instagram content at home.

If you’re not used to creating Instagram content at home, it can be hard to know where to start. Below are some great ideas of content that can easily be created at home.

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At Home Instagram Content Inspiration

  • Beauty & Skin Care Routine
  • Makeup Tutorial
  • Outfit Ideas
  • Cooking Tutorials & Recipes
  • DIY Project
  • Closet Organizing
  • Home Workouts
  • Home Decor

There is without a doubt so many fun ways to stay active on Instagram while stuck at home. But creating content outside of your usual element certainly can have it’s challenges. Because of this, we came up with some create tips to help get you going.

Tips For Creating Instagram Content At Home

1. Plan Shoot Days

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The best motivation for creating Instagram content at home to is plan out shoot days. Just like you would plan going out to shoot at a specific location, block time out of your week to get creative! Asides from just planning when you’ll shoot, it’s also important to think of what you’ll shoot. You can use great planning tools like Trello to organize your content ideas.


2. Find A Place To Shoot

Wolf Global_Creating Instagram Content At Home_Location

The next step to creating Instagram content at home is scouting out a location. You’ll obviously want to base where your shooting in the house based on the type of content you’re creating. Using rolling racks if shooting daily outfit picture or styling tutorial to display clothing also adds a bit of decor to the scene. House plants, magazines and pampas grass also make great decor accents. Your bed, kitchen table or even the floor are great spots for flat lay content. Creating a dedicated space to shoot is also a great idea to separate your “work space” from the rest of your home.


3. Always Shoot In Good Lighting

Wolf Global_Creating Instagram Content At Home_Good Lighting

Great lighting is always the number one key for quality content. This is why most content creators love to shoot outdoors, asides from the endless shoot locations. Shooting any of your content at home in natural light is your best bet for stunning content. However if you don’t have access to natural light there are a lot of great lighting solutions available on Amazon.


4. Share At Home Activities

Wolf Global_Creating Instagram Content At Home_At Home Activities

Just like you would do when you’re out about town, see each at home activity you do as an opportunity to create content. Can’t go to a restaurant to get foodie shots? Then snap a picture of your homemade lunch. Getting ready to do your skin care routine? Shoot a video tutorial! There are so many opportunities to create content at home.


5. Be Authentic And Real

Wolf Global_Creating Instagram Content At Home_Be Authentic

The easiest way to be successful at creating Instagram content at home is to be authentic. Especially in times like these, everyone loves to see the real you so don’t be afraid to show it. Having a hard time coping with all the alone time? Express it! This is a great time to connect even further with your followers and build that long lasting connection.


For even more tips on creating quality Instagram content, head to the Wolf Blog!