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Feeling like your story needs more than one image? That’s where Instagram carousel posts come in handy. Many people don’t realize is how versatile of a tool it can be to help enhance your content. It’s a great way to get more in depth with your content and even help to boost engagement from your audience. Swiping left is almost built into our DNA at this point, similar to turning a page. So there is no surprise that carousel posts get as much attention as they do.

What Are Instagram Carousel Posts?

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Girl

If you’re not sure what Instagram carousel posts are, chances are you’ve probably seen or published one without realizing it. When publishing a post to your feed, Instagram allows you to publish up to 10 videos and/or photos in one post. Users then swipe left to view each image or video within the post. And that’s what’s referred to as a carousel post.

It’s an extremely simple concept, yet can be extremely effective for your content. Whether you’re using Instagram for fun or as part of your marketing strategy, carousel posts should most definitively be in your arsenal.

Let’s take a look at some creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts to capture your audiences attention.

Creative Instagram Carousel Posts Ideas

Before & After Reveals

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Before and After

We all love a good glow up. Whether it’s a beauty transformation or a completed gut renovation, everyone loves to see a change. Using¬† carousel posts to showcase before and after reveals are a popular, but never overdone way of using this feature. And because Instagram allows up to 10 pictures per carousel, you can share multiple angles or images.

Publish A Photo Dump

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Photo Dump

Photo dumps have become a huge trend on Instagram, and wouldn’t be what they are without the carousel feature. Remember the early days of Facebook when you’d dump a weekends worth of pictures into an album? Photo dumps have that same vibe, except with a limit of 10 images per post. These gallery style posts feature random mix of images and videos from a particular time frame. It can be a night out, a weekend getaway or even a week’s worth of memories.

Showcase Products

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Products

One way that brands can take advantage of the carousel feature is by showcasing products. And there are so many different themes or concepts one can do. You can showcase all the color variations a particular product comes in, a collection of products or even top sellers for the month.

Share Content BTS

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_BTS

Everyone loves seeing how the sausage is made. So sharing behind the scenes content is always a top hit with audiences. Why not take your audience behind the scenes to see how you shoot your content? Or maybe sharing how a particular product is made? The freedom of sharing up to 10 pieces of content gives you so much versatility.

Release A Statement

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Statement

Need to get a message out there? While Instagram captions allow a little over 2,000 characters sometimes you need something a little more. And let’s be honest we all know not everyone reads the caption. That’s why carousel posts are often used to share statements and important messages of support. Because of it’s slide show style it allows you to break down your message into one idea per post, making it easier to get across.

Create A Mini Album

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Album

Can’t decide what picture to publish? Make your life easier by sharing a mini album instead. This way instead of having to narrow it down to one picture, your hardest job is finding a cover image. This is great for style creators who want to show off different elements of an outfit, or a personal trainer trying to share specific workout forms.

Publish Infographics

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Infographic

Sometimes when you have a lot of information to share it can be a bit overwhelming. Simplifying things into an infographic like a slide presentation helps to ensure key information gets out there. Because attention spans on social media in particular tend to be a little short, having details easy to understand only benefits you. And using carousel posts allows you to keep each graphic clutter free, so the focus is on one idea at a time.

Share Outakes Of Your Shot

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Outtakes

With so much glitter and haze on social media, many people are turning to reality for a breath of fresh air. Publishing real and authentic content is really capturing attention these days, especially with younger audiences who have grown up in what they perceive to be an extremely manufactured world. Allowing your audience to see bloopers, unflattering angles or images that didn’t make the cut is a great way to get real with them.

Highlight Product Features

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Feature

Selling products on Instagram is becoming more and more of the norm these days. However selling online does come with it’s set of challenges, one being that customers don’t get to see products in person. Being able to highlight specific products and their features in depth can help customers make their purchasing decisions. Posting different angles and showcasing features by using carousel posts is key way a lot of businesses are boosting sales on Instagram.

Create A Panoramic Post

Wolf Global_Instagram Carousel Posts_Panoramic

Do you have a landscape image you want to post, but you just cannot seem to crop it to fit? Why not using carousel posts to create a panoramic image? Whether it’s a wide angle shot of your latest vacation destination or a unique collage you made, cutting the image up into multiple slides for Instagram is a creative way to use the carousel feature.