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Are you new to the world of online content and not sure where to begin when it comes to editing? Or are you just looking to switch up your content editing style? Either way when it comes to the world of content and photo editing, it might seem like a complicated task only meant for the professionals. Between finding and learning how to use the software and perfecting everything, it can be discouraging. In this blog we explore top editing apps for Instagram and what they can do for you!

The truth is, you don’t need to spend money on expensive software then learn how to use it or even need a computer to touch up your content for Instagram like a professional. A lot of content creators, photographers and bloggers these days have left the complicated editing behind and keeping it simple with their phones. Content meant for social media doesn’t require as much precise editing as say an image for a billboard, so you don’t always need those high-powered editors. With all the apps on the market today, you can literally depend on your smartphone alone to not only capture your content, but edit it too.

Get your app store open because we got our top 5 favorite editing apps for Instagram to have you editing your content like a blogger!


VSCO Cam is a huge favorite of bloggers, content creators and photographers alike. The app is available for iPhone and Android, and has loads of customizable editing features and filters. The apps itself is free although some of the pre-done filters are available for purchase in packages, which often go on promotion! They also have a yearly membership to the app which gives you full access to everything, which is a newer feature. Whether you use the filters or editing tools to customize your content, VSCO is a great tool to use.

Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile

For those who prefer going the professional route or who work between a computer and mobile for editing, Adobe has a Lightroom App! Although it might not have all the features that you’re accustomed to with the desktop version, but it has the bulk of them and enough to do some pretty great editing with things like contrasts, sharpness and cropping.  

Afterlight/Afterlight 2

Afterlight is another editing app similar to VSCO Cam, actually kind of known as its alternative or competition. The original app Afterlight which was a paid app is now free, whereas Afterlight 2, the overhaul of the original app, is now the paid version. These apps over so many features like filters, editing tools, borders and typography.


Snapseed is an editing app made by Google with over 25 great features not seen in all editing apps. You can edit both RAW and JPG files which is a great feature especially for photographers. The app also has a built in “Insights” feature that offers tips and tricks on how to use the app and improve your photography skills.

Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam might not be one of the biggest names in editing apps, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Choose from editing already taken content, or apply filters live as you take the picture through the app. Rookie Cam has so many different filters, light leaks, frames and tools to customize your digital content.

Stay tuned to the blog for more content on top editing apps for Instagram!