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Ever heard of Instagram Pods? From the press – as seen on PlayBuzz – read original publication here.

Social media use has grown exponentially over the past five years, specifically among companies that are supported by bloggers and influencers. Although Facebook remains the most popular, Instagram and YouTube have become the most talked about of the social media platforms. This has been great for business, but has also led to a rise in fake content. That becomes a problem when everyday users just don’t know who to trust.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has been successful in removing accounts that appear to be fake. In response, and in order to keep up with these changes, members are using engagement pods to authentically grow their Instagram and attract more brands.

Instagram pods are groups of users who provide high-quality comments on the posts of their fellow members. Unlike fake engagements and purchased likes, these groups provide authentic content that users can rely on. Strict monitoring is a hallmark of effective groups.

Bloggers and influencers join groups on platforms such as Telegram. Some find such groups to be lacking and are disappointed when their own efforts go unreciprocated. However, there are quality groups—such as Wolf Global—that offer administrative support and require strict adherence to the rules. Where others are failing, groups like Wolf Global are blazing ahead with their authentic engagement and careful monitoring by advanced bots. Such groups encourage strong commitment and frequent participation, which benefits active members.

Every year, statistics prove the importance of social media, bloggers, and influencers to brands who want to stay relevant. This means that companies must find ways to utilize these platforms to reach their target audience. In turn, bloggers will become more engaged in monetizing their content through Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Will Instagram pods be the next BIG thing? It remains to be seen, but this hot trend is definitely worth exploring.


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