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Creating attention grabbing content on Facebook isn’t as easy as it may seem. Between the mass amounts of competition, and the platforms switch a few years back to a focus on “meaningful social interactions” marketing content can get lost. Even with a robust Facebook content strategy without focuses on the right areas you’re likely to not see the results you’re hoping for.

Many people immediately assume they can reach their goals by investing in Facebook Ads. And while they provide some benefit you need to keep in mind that you’re not just competing with other advertisers. Your content is also competing with posts from your audiences’ friends and family. So one of the most effective things you can do for your Facebook content strategy is to, well publish captivating content. While some of that has to do with the quality of the content you create, it’s also about finding creative ways to gain attention.

Let’s take a look at the some of things we feel are non-negotiable when it comes to gaining success with your Facebook content.

Facebook Content Strategy Tips

1. Identify & Understand Your Audience

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Identifying your audience isn’t just important for your brand, but also your Facebook content strategy. You won’t do yourself any favours by just aimless posting on Facebook. Without understanding who you’re trying to attract, you risk creating content that they won’t relate to.

Once you know who you’re publishing for, it’s important that you invest the time into getting to know your audience. Engaging with them is one of the best ways to do that. You can do this by replying to their comments and mentions, or by engaging them through your content. This can be with a question, asking for feedback or starting a conversation about a topic of interest.

By understanding your audience more personally, you can work to tailor your content to their exact interests. For example, a personal trainer shares an at-home workout tutorial that gets a lot of attention. This should instantly tell them that at-home workouts are something that their audience finds interesting. A good Facebook content strategy would be to come up with an at-home workout series, that focuses on a different movement each week.

2. Demonstrate Products & Services In Action

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One of the biggest missed opportunities by many marketers is demonstrating their products or services. More and more business transactions and purchasing decisions are being done online. If you can show exactly how your products and services work through your content, you’re already ahead of the game. But there’s a fine line between showcasing and coming off as an infomercial. So it’s important to master that balance within your Facebook content strategy tastefully.

One popular way that brands will demonstrate their products or services is by producing lifestyle content. A hair tool brand might create visuals of people using their products, for example. Or a fitness instructor might reenact a class to capture pictures and videos for Facebook. Another popular way you can show your offerings in action is with tutorials, which are extremely popular with audiences. Sharing a step by step guide on how your product or service works is an organic way of enticing your audience to make a purchase. But it’s also a way to get your audience’s attention and maximize the impact of your Facebook content.

3. Post On A Regular Schedule

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Humans are creatures of habit. So naturally your audience is going to pick up on your posting schedule. If you’re inconsistent you’ll not only loose momentum with your marketing efforts, but loose people’s interest. Sticking to a regular posting schedule helps your audience anticipate your content and be more likely to engage with it.

The trick to setting a schedule is to arrange one that you can commit too. You don’t need to post 3 times a day to be successful with your Facebook content strategy. You might find that be shorting your commitment to only 3 times a week is what works best for you. Or you might be able to manage a schedule of posting daily. As long as you can stick to being active consistently and generating the content, your audience will follow.

4. Re-purpose High Impact Content

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One misconception about content strategies in general is that everything needs to be new and unique. Marketers assume that content published to one social media network, cannot translate to another. Unfortunately  that is a huge missed opportunity, especially if your content is proving to be extremely popular. Repurposing high impact content is a sure way to generate buzz for your Facebook content strategy. Knowing that this piece of content has already proven to relate to your target audience, there is no reason why it cannot work on Facebook.

The best example of re-purposing popular content is taking a blog post that received a lot of traffic, and sharing it to Facebook. This could be posting excerpts of the larger piece, or simply sharing a link to the article. Also don’t forget about visuals. If you’ve invested the time and money into visuals for your website, who’s to say you can’t re-purpose it for social media? While it’s important to create platform specific content, it’s equally important to maximize the versatility of your marketing efforts. So the next time you’re arranging a product shoot for your e-commerce, consider sneaking in some extra shots that can be used on Facebook too.

5. Invest In Video Content

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Just like every other social media platform, video content is proving to be the preferred medium on Facebook. But unlike other platforms like YouTube or TikTok, Facebook isn’t a video dominate platform. That means although videos can be shared, the design of Facebook itself isn’t geared exclusively to videos. So in order for your video content to stand out, and benefit your wider Facebook content strategy there are a few things you should consider.

First, try to keep your videos short, sweet and to the point. The optimal video length on Facebook is about a minute and thirty seconds. So with that being said it’s also important to get your key information out as early as possible. That also ensure that those with shorter attention spans get your message. When it comes to editing, focus on mobile optimized content, like having your video in a vertical format. And of course, the better quality your Facebook video content is, the more it’s likely to gain attention.


When all is said it done, it’s clear that the best way to gain success with your Facebook content strategy is with a focus on visuals. But don’t forget the commitment, planning and analyzing required to truly get your strategy moving in the direction you’re aiming for. We’ve got plenty more content, social media and branding tips for you on the Wolf Blog.