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Have you been having trouble finding creative Facebook post ideas? Has your engagement recently been taking a nosedive? Or maybe you’ve just started to get back to using Facebook again as a way to connect with your audience. In any case if you’re looking to refresh your Facebook strategy, you need innovative Facebook post ideas that your audience will enjoy. And if we’re being totally honest that isn’t always easy. Many who are using Facebook especially as a marketing tool are finding it hard to increase their engagement. So you don’t need to feel alone if you’re dealing with this challenge too.

There are a few reasons why getting exposure on Facebook is getting harder as time goes on. The most obvious reason for this is because of how large their user base is. In the second quarter of 2021, there were almost 3 billion active users on Facebook. This makes it the biggest social media platform worldwide. And that fact alone can make it hard to stand out among the crowd. However there is another fact that plays into your reach, especially as a marketer. Facebook profits off of their advertising features, so there is no doubt they are trying to maximize it. While they might not admit to it this means they could very well control your overall reach organically. Which encourages marketers to invest in Facebook ads to boost their exposure.

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_FB Insights

So, what can you do to beat the odds and increase your engagement and exposure on Facebook? Easy. Come up with eye catching Facebook post ideas that will encourage conversations with your audience!

10 Facebook Post Ideas To Encourage Engagement

1. Trending Topics

An easy way to encourage engagement is to share a post about trending topics or current events. This is an opportunity to naturally create a conversation with your audience since it’s an area of interest for many. Not only can this increase your engagement, but also encourage your audience to share your post with others. However you want to keep in mind that you should try and create relevance to your brand or messaging with the topics you choose to share. After all your audience follows you because they are invested in your brand or area of interest. The last thing you want to do is post something that doesn’t resonate with the very people you’re trying to engage with.

2.  Ask a Question

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_Ask a Question

One of the classic marketing techniques to engage their audience is to create a call to action. This can be having them read a blog post or to start a conversation, asking a question. This is one of those Facebook post ideas that can be recycled over and over again to fit different contexts. However be careful not to over do it! While it’s a simple yet great idea you don’t want to come off as obviously repetitive.

Try to think creatively yet strategically with the types of questions you come up with. While asking questions to your audience is a great way to garner engagement, it can also be used to get genuine feedback or commentary about products, services or decisions. But more on that later! Finally, you can also flip this around on yourself by hosting a Q&A where your audience asks you the questions, and you reply.

3. Video Content

In the world of content marketing there is no doubt that video content is taking over as top dog. With the popularity of apps like Snapchat, TikTok and veterans like YouTube, slowly the majority of audiences are taking preference to videos. The good news is you don’t need to hire a full on production team to create content for you. And you don’t need to film hours of content to be edited and published. Quite the opposite. While the medium is changing the attention span remains the same. So luckily the shorter your videos are on Facebook, the better. Generally videos 2 to 10 minutes long are the sweet spot.

You also don’t need any fancy equipment or programs to fine tune your recordings before you post them. Smartphones today come with high enough quality cameras And there is no shortage of video editing apps available for them, including Adobe Premier.

4. Behind the Scenes

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_Packing Order

One of the Facebook post ideas that surprisingly is a huge hit with people is showcasing behind the scenes footage. For influencers and content creators this might include sharing clips of your entire day, snippets of a photoshoot you’re working on or maybe your process to editing your photos. It’s a great way for your fans to see another side of you and get to know you even better. Business can also capitalize on this Facebook post idea. A huge trend right now is businesses sharing their packing process for online orders. You could also film introductions videos for your staff or share how a specific product is made. For business that offer services consider sharing that process with a video to encourage business and gain new customers.

5. Launch an Exclusive Release

This is one of our Facebook post ideas that is a little more unique. If you’re trying to draw your audiences from other platforms onto Facebook you’re going to love this idea! Product and services launches generally rely heavily on social media marketing. So instead of launching on every platform you operate on, why not keep it exclusive to Facebook? To execute this idea you still rely on your other platforms like Instagram or Twitter to announce that there is a release. But within that announcement you drive traffic to your Facebook page and exclusively release further details there first. This will drive all the hype to your Facebook page, encouraging more engagement and sharing there!

6. Share a Tutorial

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_Makeup Tutorial

Everyone loves learning things online. Be is finding a new recipe or trying a new makeup tutorial. And naturally tutorials tend to raise questions from your audience who make be looking to try it out themselves. This Facebook post idea works for so many different industries and niches. A beauty influencer for example might share their nighttime skincare routine. A restaurant might consider not necessarily giving out the recipe, but sharing a “how it’s made” video of their most popular dish. You’ll organically encourage a dialogue with your audience as they ask you questions about products, technique and more.

7. Create a Reoccurring Series

If there’s one main benefit that differentiates Facebook from others is that it allows you to create a community within your Facebook page. So coming up with a reoccurring series that your audience can anticipate is a great idea. Having people know when they can expect this post has you one step ahead. This series can be anything from sharing a tip of the day, asking a weekly question or choosing a topic of discussion. This is also a great way to make your audience feel like they are apart of the team so to speak, which will only further encourage them to engage.

8. Poll Your Audience

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_Take a Poll

Another one of our Facebook post ideas that gets your audience in on the process, is by polling them on a specific topic. What better way to discover exactly what the people want, by asking them directly? This is a tool that is so versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use it in product development to poll your followers on new product ideas they’d like to see. You can also use it to help your marketing by finding out what they want to see from you in terms of content.

9. Branded Graphics

Get your audience to help you with boosting your engagement, without them even knowing! Sharing and re-sharing posts on Facebook is what makes that world go around. And branded graphics are a perfect fit for that. It can be anything from a simple quote or meme, to an info-graphic highlight interesting information. Adding your branding like a logo or username only helps to build your online brand. Which is a little side bonus to the engagement you’ll receive from your post being shared repeatedly.

10. Host a Giveaway or Contest

Wolf Global_Facebook Post Ideas_Giveaway

A sure way to encourage people to engage with your content is with free stuff. Not only will this help you increase engagement but also potentially gain Page likes and brand exposure. Be sure to pick a prize that they are interested in so it’s worth their time. Especially if they have to put in effort submitting a contest entry. The only thing to keep in mind, is this could add a little bump to your overall engagement. Giveaway posts tend to gain more engagement than usual, which spikes your reach for that particular time period. As your engagement resets to normal levels that could signal to Facebook that your content isn’t as interesting anymore. So if your reach drops for a short time period afterwards while your averages readjust just keep that in mind.