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Filming better Instagram Stories is no doubt the best way to get your audience engaged with what they’re watching. Instagram Stories definitively aren’t new to the world of social media having launched in August 2016, but as Instagram is notorious for they’re constantly updating it with new features and capabilities. If you’re new to Instagram or haven’t been particularly active on the platform in a while Instagram Stories is Instagram’s answer to Snapchat where users can post short video clips to their Instagram profile for a 24 hour period. Users can add a variety of edits like location tags, Emojis, GIFs and their regional weather, and even host polls or have their follower ask them questions directly through their Instagram Story. Instagram has really done their part to make Instagram Stories interactive, which is why filming better Instagram Stories can help you not only get your audience engaged but also help you attract new followers.

Instagram Stories are useful for a wide range of Instagram users, and filming better Instagram Stories can help you use it to its fullest potential. For the average person using Instagram, it’s great to share video chats with friends or highlight video content you don’t want to feature on your feed permanently. For Influencers and Bloggers who use Instagram, Instagram Stories are a great way to connect more intimately with your followers and give you an extra channel to share your content like blog posts and brand collaborations. Brands and businesses also have a great opportunity to use Instagram Stories to their advantage. Instagram Stories have a swipe up feature which allows you to include a link within that Story slide where users can swipe up and instantly be taken to it. This is a great tool for brands and business to use for shopping via Instagram or sharing newsletter signup forms.

Regardless of how you use this key component of Instagram, we cannot stress enough how putting the effort into filming better Instagram Stories can bring you a huge amount of success with your presence. Instagram Stories actually impact your overall reach and impression statistics so if you’re an Influencer working with brands on collaborations, this can help your numbers. But with that aside, a boost in your reach means Instagram Stories is a complete different channel where your content get seen by potential followers. Filming better Instagram Stories not only keeps your follower and new audience watching, but also ups the odds that they’ll visit your profile too. Whether you’re a season Instagrammer, or just setting up your profile and are looking to learn the ropes we’re sharing all the tips to get you filming better Instagram Stories.

Pre Film Your Scenes

A big trick for filming better Instagram Stories is actually to pre-film them prior to posting, which believe it or not most people do from big name brands to your favourite bloggers. Although this doesn’t work in every circumstance, pre-filming your content helps with filming better Instagram Stories in more ways than one. It’s especially useful when you have a series for your Instagram Story that goes over several slides. By pre-filming your Instagram Stories you can make sure to get the exact story you’re looking for from the to overall shot. It also allows you to publish each slide one after the other so your audience isn’t waiting on your next Story, potentially losing interest.

Shoot In Portrait Layout

Instagram Stories are meant to be watched with your phone held vertically so it’s important to always shoot in portrait mode. Actually if you plan on taking any advice from this article this is the single most important tip for filming better Instagram Stories. The last thing you want is to not only keep your audience from having to turn their phone around to properly watch your Instagram Story. Filming in portrait mode also allows you to capture more on the screen which is important in today’s age with our phones screens being so big. It’s an easy tip that can go a long way with filming better Instagram Stories.

Film Stories In Good Lighting

A key component to photography and videography in general is shooting in good lighting, and it’s no different when it comes to filming better Instagram Stories. You don’t have to spend a fortune on studio lighting equipment to achieve this, as many lighting systems these days are pretty affordable. You can even skip spending money and use your phone’s flash, natural light or DIY at home hacks with lamps and bedsheets which work just as well. No matter how good phone’s visual qualities have gotten, videos shot in bad lighting are no fun to watch so make sure your Instagram Stories are always clear and visible if you expect people to watch.

Mix Up Your Type of Content

Instagram lets you film videos directly through Instagram Stories while also connecting to your photo library where you can also upload pre-recorded videos and photos. Even within Instagram Stories, you can film different types of content like Boomerangs or Rewind and they even have a Hands Free mode which allows you to film without having to hold onto the button. There’s even Instagram Live, which allows Instagrammers to live stream, but that’s a totally different beast, for a different day. Filming better Instagram Stories starts with fresh and exciting content, and mixing up the type of content you publish just that.

Use Photography/Videography Tools To Shoot

We talked a bit about lighting above, which can be achieved without having to buy any gear. But if you’re looking to go a little more professional when it comes to filming better Instagram Stories, then you might want to invest in some key photography and videography tools. We no doubt recommend you get tools like a tripod with phone mount, lighting system and if you plan on filming action shots, a phone stabilizer. All of these tools range in price so you can purchase them on a budget, or invest a little more in top quality gear depending on how dedicated you are. No matter how much you decide to spend and if you decide to get one or all of these items, we’re positive they’ll up your game and get you filming better Instagram Stories.

Get Instagram Story Editing Apps

Another great set of tools when it comes to filming better Instagram Stories is getting some editing apps. There are so many apps for photography, videography and specifically Instagram Stories that can help you take your content to the next level. Some apps let you film directly with the app where others are for editing content that’s already been taken. Whether it’s adding your own customer filters or formats to cutting a longer video to fit the 10-second Instagram Story limits, there’s definitely an app for that! 

Tell A Story With Your Story

Instagram Stories are kind of known for sucking people in and having them watch clips endlessly. But as easy as it is to spend 20 minutes watching Instagram Stories, it’s just as easy for views to swipe away from your content. A great way to get people captivated and interested in your Instagram Stories is to create a story with your clips. Whether it’s you going to a new restaurant, sharing your weekend errands or filming parts of a concert, filming better Instagram Stories starts with creating an actual storyline for your audience to follow along with.

Use Instagram’s Built-In Feature

Instagram has created built-in editing features that are actually very useful for filming better Instagram Stories. You can make your Instagram Stories interactive with features like Polls and Questions, share information like your local time or weather, and even tag your location. There are also features like the ability to add Emojis and GIFs to add some fun to your stories. Whatever you use in your Instagram Stories, these features really help your audience get more engaged with your content!

Show Off Your Personality

People are watching your Instagram Story because they’re interested in you, so when it comes to filming better Instagram Stories, you want to show off your personality! Whether you want to be your true authentic self, or put on a bit of a persona showing your individuality will have you standing out from the rest of the crowd and potentially get you noticed by not only potential followers, but in the case of Influencers and Bloggers, even brands.

Just Have Fun With It

At the end of it all, the only way you’re really going to find ultimate success with filming better Instagram Stories, is if you just have fun with it. Instagram is meant to be a place for fun and so are its features, so just enjoy the process of creating content for your Instagram Stories. The more authentic fun you’re having the more it’ll show through in your work to your audience.

These tips for filming better Instagram Stories may seem like a lot, but once all put together each piece fits into the other like a puzzle. You probably noticed we didn’t touch on Instagram Live, but not to worry because we plan on bringing you a similar guide in the weeks to come, so stay tuned to the Wolf Blog. What is also great about these tips is you don’t have to use them all together at once, so you can pick and choose what works best for you and your goals with the platform. If you’re looking to take your content to the next level be it for your business or blog then really consider adapt most if not all of these practices. But if your Instagram Story is just a pass time you might not need to worry too much about certain tips. Whatever way you decide to go, we’re confident after reading this you’ll be set up for success with filming better Instagram Stories.