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The start of a new year means the start of a new fitness journeys for a lot of people. The new year always gets everyone up and running towards healthier eating, new gym memberships and overall wellness. Getting motivated to get fit is easy in the first weeks of January, but staying motivated all year is a different story. One of the things we do to stay motivated to workout and eat clean is to follow fitness Instagram accounts. There’s something about seeing someone else have your dream body that keeps the fire lit under you and motivates you to keep going.

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There are a ton of different types of fitness Instagram accounts you can follow to stay motivated. We encourage you to find the ones that work for you. Fitness Instagram accounts range from quotes and motivational content, to workout routines or meal plans. We  suggest following a variety of fitness Instagram accounts to use as tools and motivation to stay on track. Below, we’re calling out our top 10 Fitness Instagram accounts to motivate and inspire your fitness journey in 2020.

Fitness Instagram Accounts For 2020 Inspiration

Joey Bronston (@joebronston)

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This fitness gury doesn’t have a crazy number of followers on Instagram. That’s why Joey Bronston consider him one of Instagram’s best kept secrets. Joey is a personal trainer out of Los Angeles, California and trains some of your favorite influencers, like @sivanayla. His Instagram feed is full of detailed workout routines videos, making it super easy to follow along. Joey’s routines are largely focused on toning and getting that nice long, lean look. But he also posts a number of routines that he does in his personal workouts geared towards muscle-building. Because Joey posts content like full workouts and circuit training ideas, it’s like having a remote personal trainer! We highly suggest following Joey for exercise ideas, routines and just overall motivation to start working out! If you’re new to the gym or just don’t know where to start, start with his Instagram page.

Fitness Girls Motivation (@fitnessgirlsmotivation)

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With over 5 million followers, we’d be shocked if you haven’t already come across this Instagram account. Fitness Girls Motivation is the ultimate motivation account for women. Though this account doesn’t post any routines or exercises, they do post a ton of great bodies on their feed. Lacking the motivation to get up and get into the gym? A quick scroll through the endless ab lines, firm booties and toned arms will definitely get you moving. Fitness Girls Motivation is also tags all of the people they are posting photos of, so it’s easy to find new people to follow (and obsess over) from their page.


Everything Healthy (@healthyfoodvideos)

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Plainly put, Healthy Food Videos by Everything Healthy makes healthy eating seem like something that you actually want to do. Their motto is “healthy recipes you’ll actually make,” and we can confirm that their Instagram feed lives up to that expectation. Healthy eating has a bad rep as being boring and flavorless, but none of the recipes on Healthy Food Videos are anything close to that. A quick scroll through this Instagram feed will inspire you to eat clean, with recipes like healthy banana nut ice cream, turkey stuffed bell peppers, Mexican shrimp fajitas bowls and so much more. In short, this account boasts over 1.6 million followers and 1,135 posts, so there are plenty of recipes for you to get inspired by.

Hanna Öberg (@hannaoeberg)

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We’ve had a crush on Hanna Öberg forever. Above all, Hanna is a genuine and knowledgeable fitness guru, and we promise you there’s a lot to be learned from her. She puts up a ton of work out videos on her page, and builds educational facts into the videos. Hanna will often post content of her doing two different styles of lifts and explains what part of the body is targeted. We can confidently say that we’ve learned a lot of what we know about exercise and workout routines by watching her videos. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to follow her, Hanna is also a new mom and is a gold mine for cute workout sets and brands.


Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

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In Alexia Clark’s bio, you’ll see that she’s self-proclaimed herself the “queen of workouts”. And we couldn’t agree more. In addition to having the absolute sickest body we’ve ever seen, Alexia has creative and dynamic workout ideas and routines. You’ll never get bored of her feed with over 4,500 posts full of amazing workouts. Our favorite thing about following Alexia is that she posts effective workouts, combination moves, exercises and routines we’ve never seen before. Give just one of her routines a try to see for yourself! We promise you’ll be sore the next day.

Linn Lowes (@linnlowes)

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This fitness trainer is also a cancer survivor and an incredibly refreshing face in the world of fitness influencing. In addition to educational exercise content, Linn also shares misconceptions she previously struggled with about body image. She also frequently touches on the debate between skinny vs. strong. Therefore Linn has more to say that just “do this workout to get this body,” and maintains balance between being educational and personal. A scroll through her page will give you a million reasons to get to the gym knowing exactly what to do and not to do, to get the body you desire.


Rena (@healthyfitnessmeals)

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This mom of 5 is a serious powerhouse. In addition to clearly being a boss in the kitchen, she is incredibly creative with her recipes. If you’re looking to meal prep for the week or cook healthy meals, Rena is your go-to. With over 1,300 recipes posted on her Instagram, you’ll never run out of things to make. Some of her most loved recipes include Easy Baked Greek Chicken and, Healthy Risotto with Butternut Squash and Mushrooms. Yum, right? Finally, none of the recipes are too complex and don’t compromise any taste for nutrition. If you’re looking to stay motivated in the kitchen this year, give her a follow.


Kirk Myers (@kirkmyersfitness)

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Kirk Myers is a personal trainer at, and the CEO/Founder of the esteemed fitness gym, Dogpound. If you’ve never heard of Dogpound, you should definitely read up on it. This half boxing, half personal training gym is the elite of gyms. And their specialty is training some of the best bodies in Hollywood and on the runways. Kirk shares a glimpse into the training style and routines at Dogpound, saving us from the high price session fee. You might not get to work out with Justin Beiber personally. But you can still get great workout tips! In addition, watch his stories for behind the scenes of his sessions and what it takes to build a model body.


POPSUGAR Fitness (@POPSUGARfitness)

Wolf Global_Fitness Instagram Accounts_popsugarfitness

POPSUGAR is known by everyone, but you might not of have heard of their fitness division. @POPSUGARfitness is their fitness dedicated Instagram that covers all things physical and mental wellness. This is a fitness Instagram account to follow that covers all things related to wellness. We love that a lot of their posts link back to articles for those wanting to dive deeper into topics.

Danny (@trainwithdanny)

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Clearly following personal trainers is a must if you’re looking to transform your workout routines and stay motivated. Danny is an LA-based personal trainer and works on the bodies of everyone from Jen Atkin, celebrit hair stylist and founder of Ouai, to Raissa Gerona, Chief Brand Officer at Revolve. Danny shares mostly workouts and routines on his page and offers exercise ideas the average person wouldn’t think to do. In addition to sharing great workout routines and videos, he also posts great motivational material.


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