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At Wolf Global, we work hard to deliver a community and tools for our members to maximize their Instagram experience. We’ve created over 30 groups for our members to exchange engagement and network with other Instagrammers, built and are continuously developing our interactive Concierge WolfGlobal_Bot and launched our Auto Liker extension for Google Chrome. One project we are super excited to be launching soon and that we think you are going to love is Wolf Analytics – a Free Instagram Analytics Tool.

We developed Wolf Analytics thanks to the feedback from our community of over 75,000 members wanting to have access to more data surrounding their Instagram account performance so they can better understand how to use engagement pods to their advantage. We spent the last few weeks as a team brainstorming and compiling feedback to put together this new tool to help you with features like tracking your post performance with live metrics, determining probability of reaching top post and explore pages, reports on media and hashtag analytics and more!

Wolf Analytics is expecting to launch with a few different tools but as with every Wolf Global tool or service, we plan on growing our analytics offerings. The 3 main features we are exciting to be rolling out are Account Statistics, Hashtag Reports and Post Tracking. Wolf Analytics as with all our offerings will remain 100% free however certain advanced features will require a small fee to access them.

Account Statistics will provide a detailed report with information like follower count, average engagement per post and your engagement ratio based on your follower count. This information will help provide a snapshot of the health of your account, and provide you with details to be able to determine things like cost per post when trying to figure out how to charge brands for collaborations. This report will also provide our recommendation on what your engagement should be to help you navigate our pods and use them in the most organic way possible.

Another exciting feature is our Hashtag Reports. These small but mighty reports will help you understand how to rank your content in the top post section for the hashtag you’re targeting. This report will provide you with straightforward information like average likes and comments required for you to place as a top post. Use this tool to try and target hashtags that meet your average engagement ratios for your chance to go viral!

The last feature, and currently the only paid feature of Wolf Analytics is Post Tracking. This feature basically allows you to monitor newly published content for the first 30 minutes, to help you better take advantage of information such as hashtag ranking. This feature will provide you with live tracking and reports every 5 minutes to show you how your engagement grows throughout the posts first 30 minutes of being published. This feature will be available for $9.99 per month, per Instagram account.

We’re so excited for you guys to access and use Wolf Analytics to help boost your Instagram performance Checkout the video below to get a little taste of this new and exciting analytics tool for Instagram! Wolf Global – Analytics (Free Instagram Analytics Tool)