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Have you ever found yourself browsing through the Explore or Top Post pages and wonder how you can make your post go viral on Instagram? You create unique and captivating content, you have a decent sized following and receive a fair share of engagement but still, your posts have yet to go viral.

What does “going viral” on Instagram even mean? Well, depending on a specific set of criteria thanks to Instagram’s ever evolving algorithms posts get pushed to the top of Feeds, Explore pages and Top Post pages depending on hashtags used. This gets hundreds sometimes thousands of views your followers and potential followers. If you’re ready to put in a little bit of work and strategy when posting, we’ve got our top 3 tips ready for you to help take your content to viral status!

1. Post During Peak Times

This is probably the best way to get your content seen by the masses. Posting your content at times when the most members are active is a sure way to helping your post go viral. You can do some guesstimating with this by simply monitoring over a few days when you find the most activity on your page, and if you have a business profile, those stats are provided to you. But that isn’t really ideal – as you’ll obviously get the most activity in and around when you post in general. Your best bet is to do a bit of research on Google about peak times on Instagram and more targeted, in your region. From there, try and schedule your posting times when there is the most activity.

2. Use Key Hashtags

Everyone by now knows the importance of a Hashtag, but many only understand the surface of them. To simplify it for this blog post, Hashtags are they key component to landing on a Top Post section and the general feed page for a specific tag. Try and use tags that are not only relevant to you, but that are somewhat popular meaning more people use and browse them. There is also a somewhat complex process which helps you identify the “entry levels” for landing on the Top Post page for hashtags, but this is an explanation we’ll save for our eBook we are writing and publishing soon! You can use one or more of many apps likes Focalmark to help curate hashtags that are perfect for your niche and location!

3. Use Wolf Global Viral Groups

We have a number of Viral groups with a purpose to pair together Instagrammers with the same ranges in followers. Currently we have 1k, 10k, 30k, 50k and 100k networks for our members to join. The concept of these groups is by having high-followed accounts interacting with your content right as it is published, they help boost your algorithms with a chance to go viral. There are a lot of other factors playing into this such as when the engagement was given, by who and what other posts were published in the same timeframe and their engagement numbers. But these groups do overall help boost your impressions and reach at minimum if you don’t end up Viral right away.

It might seem like after all these tips that going Viral is just luck, and to some extent it is. Instagram’s algorithms work on not just your posts, but thousands of others that are also competing for the spotlight. But, just like the lottery if you don’t play, you can’t win. Apply these strategies when posting to Instagram consistently and we’re sure eventually we’ll catch you on the Explore page!

Stay tuned to the blog for more articles on how to go viral on Instagram!