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S0 – you are wondering on how to get shoutouts on Instagram from power house accounts! There are so many ways and tricks to growing your Instagram account, from buying followers to spending time dedicating to growing your following organically. If you’re looking for the latter option, a great way to do this is by getting your account featured by bigger accounts. Big brands in beauty, tech, travel and style all rely on not only their own content creation, but reposting content from other bloggers and creators so there is so much opportunity! There are also pages on Instagram that specifically for features or inspiration that are always looking for great content to share with their followers.

If you’re hoping to start getting yourself featured on Instagram it’s not as hard as it may seem, we promise! Just keeping reading below for some of our tips!

1) Using Tags And Hashtags

Brands and feature pages often rely on their tagged posts and content using their designated hashtags to find their next post. Whenever using a product or service in your content, be sure to tag the brand even if it wasn’t an official collaboration. Also when relevant, tag beauty, style and other inspiration or feature accounts which also helps for visibility from their followers. You never know when they might pick your next image or video to post!

2) Following And Supporting Accounts

Building relationships and supporting accounts is another great way to get your profile and content notice. Avoid spamming with multiple likes and comments consecutively so you don’t annoy them. But using the Like, Like Comment, Like engagement combination, or showing love on content as they post is a great way to begin connecting with that account.

3) Posting Quality Content

It’s no secret that people love quality content, and the same goes for brands and pages looking to repost. The best way to land a feature is to ensure your image is clear and your editing avoids overly contrasting or filters. If you’re trying to be featured by a certain brand or page, try looking at the content they’ve already posted and aim to create something along their taste. If you’re a style blogger or often take images of yourself, try working with local photographers and videographers to generate high quality work!

4) Buying Features

A lot of people don’t realize that most of these feature accounts actually charge for a repost, especially those with hundreds of thousands of followers. You can usually either send them a direct message or email to get a list of rates. There are also tones of shoutout networks like JumpFame that pair accounts and other influencers with each other for shoutouts.   

5) Enter Shoutout Contests

If buying shoutout isn’t in your budget you can always enter a contest! A lot of top Instagrammers and feature pages often host shoutout contests on their pages for followers to take advantage of. Some of your favourite brands also hold a variety of contests where they look to repost their loyal customers content. You’re not guaranteed to win and score a feature, but it doesn’t hurt try!

Stay tuned to the blog for more content on how to get shoutouts on Instagram!