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The terms and criteria for being a celebrity or public figure sure have changed over the years. There once was a time where the title of celebrity was reserved for Hollywood and athletes. But today with social media, anyone has the opportunity to make a name for themselves. Especially on a platform like TikTok. One way to establish your credibility and brand is to get verified on TikTok. The infamous blue check mark isn’t just reserved for public figures and influencers. If you’re looking to build your online brand using TikTok for any reason, getting verified has a lot of benefits.

Why Get Verified on TikTok?

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Getting verified on TikTok might not be for everyone, however there is a strong case to be made for those who are thinking of it. To make a long story short, being verified gives your brand that extra little bit of oomph. It really does help establish your online credibility. It can also help to further your career, be it in consulting, music, writing or your small business. There truly are many benefits when it comes to TikTok verification, but these are no doubt the top 3 reasons why you should.


There is something about that little blue check mark that really has a huge impact when it comes to online authority. To get verified on TikTok is somewhat of an endorsement directly from the platform. To others it means that you took the steps and qualified based on their specific criteria. It allows you to build credibility and authority with your audience quicker than if you weren’t verified on TikTok.

It also helps you to establish your brand’s authenticity. Meaning, if you’re prone to impersonator or fan accounts, getting verified could help to establish your account as the official and/or only one on TikTok.


The main goal of social media for many is to gain exposure for their brands. Being active and publishing quality content contributes to this. But nothing adds that little extra spark more than being verified. Users seeing the blue check mark will most likely be more encouraged to view your content, profile and potentially follow you.

Beyond that, there’s a little rumour that TikTok favors verified accounts within their algorithm. Meaning verified TikTok accounts tend to be seen more and get more engagement.

Brand Enhancing

In addition to gaining authority, a verified TikTok account also helps to enhance your overall brand. It’s a stamp of approval that provides a built-in sense of trustworthiness with your audience almost instantly.

How to Get Verified on TikTok

Asides from being famous, there are a few ways you can get verified on TikTok. But in all honesty there are no shortcuts or hacks to getting verified. So it’s important to have realistic expectations. And no, you can’t directly buy a check mark. You can however put in some work to set you on the right track. And if all else fails, services like our TikTok verification are available to help set you up for success.

1. Find Your Niche & Be Consistent

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Establishing a brand requires consistent content that has effort in it. Once you become known for something, or a specific content style it’s easier to attract an audience. That’s why you should always work on developing a niche for yourself to work within. Many times your niche might be a blend of a few different areas. For example a fitness trainer would probably live in the space of fitness, health and motivation. A style influencer might post content relating to fashion, beauty and the arts.

Asides from settling on a niche you also need to be consistent with your content. This allows your audience to anticipate when and what you’ll post, to keep them invested in your brand. As your following grows, you’re sure to catch the attention of TikTok for verification.

2. Create Quality Content

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Just like with any social media platform, quality content always wins. The harder your work on the quality of your content, the more you’ll succeed with social media. Audiences want to watch the best of the best online, especially with the infinite stream of content available on social media. And if you impress enough people with what you share you’re sure to build a following and a name for yourself; these two things are sure to get you verified on TikTok

3. Have Press Features

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One of the more absolute ways to get verified on TikTok, or any social media network, is to have press online about you or your business. Aim to have feature articles on websites, news platforms and magazines. However in addition to these traditional methods of press, you should also try to get coverage on podcasts, YouTube and social media.

Now there are a few ways you can go about getting press. First, is by staying in the know with what is going on in the news and trends, and creating content to feed that discussion. If your posts go viral enough, they can be seen by journalist and writers looking to find content to fit their stories. Another way is by reaching out directly to the media with press releases about you or your brand. Your press releases should feature something newsworthy about you or your brand, be it a new product launch or upcoming project that’s buzz worthy.

4. Go Viral

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Going viral might seem fairly obvious, but it does help. Majority of TikTok accounts that are verified generally have at least one post that’s gone viral. The thing is, it’s not as easy as it seems to achieve. There isn’t some sort of miracle formula when it comes to going viral. But there are a few things you can do to be proactive.

Asides from the usual things like using the right hashtags, try to create content that’s short and catchy right from the start. Attention spans aren’t very long on social media, so the quicker you can capture your audiences’ attention the more likely they are to stick around and watch. Also try and be on top of any TikTok trends and trending audio clips, and get into the game as soon as you can. When something is hot, you want to get in front of it as soon as possible to gain as many views as you can. Once a trend runs it’s course it can become tiresome and not as appealing to your audience.

5. Get Verified Elsewhere

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Unlike TikTok, other social media networks like Instagram and Twitter allow you apply for verification. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier to be verified, you don’t have to rely on the platform noticing you. Getting that blue check mark on any other social media platform definitively is a bonus when it comes to TikTok considering you for verification. It signals to TikTok that you’re someone of influence online, and should be considered to get verified.

TikTok Verification Services

If playing a guessing game and hoping you’ll be verified on TikTok isn’t for you, don’t worry. We’re proud to offer authentic verification services for a wide range of social media platforms, including TikTok. Unlike some providers out there that hack the system to provide you with verification, we do things 100% by the book. With our years of experience in the industry we work with our partners agency directly to submit verification requests. And should you require any media coverage to submit with your application our team can handle all of that. This service is for anyone who is looking to build authority online and get verified on TikTok, and other social media networks.