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IGTV is Instagram’s latest feature and lots of bloggers and digital content creators are using it to their advantage. IGTV is basically YouTube, but built into Instagram and meant for shorter videos (aka not 45 minutes long like some YouTube videos). There are a ton of benefits to using IGTV, like increasing engagement and reach, as well as increasing your chances of ending up on the Explore page. But whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned professional sometimes coming up with IGTV content ideas can be tough. We’ve got you covered with some great IGTV content ideas to help bring some inspiration into your process and help kick start that creative energy.


IGTV Content Ideas

Fashion IGTV Content Ideas

Try On Hauls

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_Try On Haul

If you’re a style blogger chances are you already know what a try on haul is but in the off chance that you don’t, it’s a little video where you try on a bunch of outfits that you’ve styled to give your followers outfit inspiration. Try on hauls make great IGTV content and are also a great opportunity to reach out to brands and pitch an idea in the hopes of securing a collaboration. Brands love to work with influencers on try on hauls because it gives them a chance to be featured in full outfits in a different way than just a static photo. If you need further clarification, editing ideas or just more background on try on hauls, doing a quick hashtag search for #tryonhaul will paint a full picture!


Get Ready With Me

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me style videos are all the rage these days and we’ve been noticing a serious uptick in them on IGTV. Lots of bloggers interact with their followers on IGTV by filming the process of getting ready for their day, a photoshoot, a brand event, etc. This can include anything from picking out outfits to styling them, doing hair and make up or showing what you’re packing in your bag. This is a great way to build up your IGTV content and give your followers a little insight into your life and processes, and from what we’ve seen they earn a lot of engagement and views.

Collections of Clothing

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_Collection Of Clothing

You’ve got quality IGTV content just hanging in your closet! If you have a cool collection of designer items or the perfect line up of boots, show them off. Lots of fashion bloggers show their collections off in IGTV videos, showcasing their most loved items. This is an awesome way to not only engage with your followers, but is also a great opportunity to monetize and promote sales.


Lifestyle IGTV Content Ideas

Travel With Me

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_Travel With Me

Pretty much every type of blogger does some type of travel video these days, and we can’t blame them because it makes for great IGTV content. Everyone, no matter what your focus, seems to love watching travel-related videos and getting a glimpse into a foreign place. IGTV is a great way to showcase your travels and give your followers a deeper look into the trips you’ve been posting static photos of. Show your followers where you’re going, what you’re packing, the things you’re seeing, eating, exploring.


A Day In My Life

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_A Day In My Life

A great way to connect with your followers and give them a behind the scenes look into your life is to film an “a day in my life” IGTV content. Some bloggers also take it a step father and do “a week in my life” videos, bringing their followers through their events that week, their meals, routines, and pretty much anything else exciting that would be interesting to watch. This lets your non-influencer followers get an inside peek into what it’s really like to be a blogger. Everyone’s curious, so these types of videos tend to get a lot of views.


House Tour

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_House Tour

We’ve seen a lot of lifestyle bloggers do IGTV content with house/room/apartment tours. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, or feature any sort of interior design or home goods on your page, then this type of IGTV is definitely for you. Much like a try on haul for fashion bloggers, a house or room tour is a great way for lifestyle bloggers to monetize items and earn commissions on sales. Showing your items in context in your home is an amazing way to inspire some interior design creativity in your followers.


Photography IGTV Content Ideas

Editing Tips & Tricks

Wolf Global_IGTV Content Ideas_Photo Editing

If you’re a photographer, stylist, or creative in general, editing videos make for great IGTV content to get your brand out there. These types of influencers tend to get a lot of questions about photo editing, photography styles, etc. Filming “tips and tricks” videos for IGTV lets you answer all of those questions in your comment section without having to address each question one by one. Another plus is that with iPhones, you can record your screen, so recording a video of you editing is super easy to do.


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