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Instagram accounts for content advice are hard to come by sometimes right? Everyone is trying to navigate Instagram, it’s algorithm, how to achieve success on the platform. There are countless articles written on the topic, but most of the time, they’re written by magazine editors who don’t have more than a couple hundred followers. Seems kind of counterintuitive to be taking Instagram advice for success from someone who hasn’t necessarily achieved any success on the platform, right?

When it comes to learning the tips and tricks that actually work, what better people to ask than the influencers, themselves? A number of influencers have committed themselves to helping others achieve success on Instagram and with their blogs. This includes mega-influencers, like @marianna_hewitt.

@blogwithme by Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt)

Mega-influencer Marianna Hewitt might be the sweetest person in the world. Her genuine demeanor and strategic business mindset has helped catapult her to the top of the ranks among her fellow beauty and lifestyle influencers. Not surprisingly, that same success helped her to launch her incredibly successful clean beauty line, known for it’s skin-perfecting face mask, The Jet Lag Mask. Sounds like a credible source of Instagram advice, right? Lucky for all of us, Marianna started a secondary Instagram page to act as a dedicated space for blogging and Instagram advice. It’s sort of a community of people looking to learn more about and succeed in the influencer industry. She’s super responsive on the platform, if you choose to direct message her there, and is always willing to provide valuable insight and guidance.

The way that @blogwithme is set up is really smart and makes it easy to navigate the page to find the piece of advice you’re looking for. Each of her posts have a question as the photo, and in the caption, she answers the question and provides all the advice she can think of on the topic. The comments then act as a forum, basically, for influencers to have discussions, share other advice and network. It’s honestly pretty cool. Marianna even organizes influencer meet ups in popular cities so that like minded people on the platform can get together, network, take photos and exchange ideas.

The topics covered by Marianna on @blogwithme cover everything from staying motivated to editing photos. We haven’t yet come across a question that hasn’t been answered on her page. She opens up periods of time on the page where you can direct message her about new questions to answer or topics to cover, so in the off chance that your question hasn’t already been addressed on @blogwtihme, you have plenty of opportunities to ask.

@sivanayla by Sivan Ayla

If you don’t follow this girl, please, for your own sake, go follow her. She is, by far, our favorite blogger right now. She’s our favorite for many reasons, but one of them is definitely her candid nature and her willingness to share advice on everything from hair to make up to photo editing and starting a blog. This page isn’t solely focused on blog advice, like @blogwithme, but if you’re a follow of hers, there’s a lot to be learned from her success.

Maybe the best part about Sivan is that she always answers direct messages. There are a few questions she won’t answer, and she’s open about that being because she’s already answered it a million times over on her Instagram, her stories, her YouTube, etc. If you have a question, don’t be shy to direct message her. We’ve done it a bunch of times and she always responds with answers, advice and the unapologetic personality that’s amassed her following.

Quick tip about Sivan:  her blog is a wealth of knowledge. There’s a full section on her site for blogging tips, and given her success and almost 200k followers, it’s definitely worth checking out. Her YouTube is also incredibly helpful, with tons of step-by-step tutorials on everything from photo editing to styling the perfect beach wave and how to decorate your home to make it Instagram-ready.

Tezza App by @tezzamb

Okay, so we’ve talked about Tezza in other articles on the blog, but she’s so great that she’s worth mentioning all over again. This girl, aside from being a complete girl boss and producing content that goes beyond anything else we’ve seen on Instagram, worked with her husband to make her own app. Yes, that’s right. Her and her husband, who also doubles as her photographer, developed their own iPhone app (sorry Android users) for all things Tezza.

Tezza’s aesthetic has been so widely sought after that she started by creating her own Lightroom presets, which in turn, ended up translating into creating a way for people to use her presets on their phones. Instead of just creating a photo editing app, she turned the project into a hub for camera advice, photo presets, posing advice and way, way more.

Just looking at her content on Instagram is enough of a learning experience, but in case you find yourself wanting more, her app is free to download through the Apple Store and comes with free advice, a few free presets (with the option to purchase more) and valuable information like the best handbags for under $100. Trust us, you won’t regret downloading the Tezza App.

@theplaceiwastellingyouabout by R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd

Okay, so this one is a little different than the others, but different is always good. The husband and wife duo behind @theplaceiwastellingyouabout are location scouting masterminds. We often head to their page when we’re out of ideas for photoshoot locations and they never disappoint. The best part about R’el and Marcus’ account is that it hasn’t blown up yet. Don’t get us wrong, they have a very decent following of 32.2k followers, but in the context of trying to find the best locations without a million other people already having taken photos there, it’s better that they’re “up and coming.”

The account is based out of New York City, so if you’re in the area or planning to visit, there’s tons of great eateries, photoshoot spots and pretty areas to explore up on their page. The account started featuring places from around the world semi-recently, which is incredibly exciting. We even stole some of their photo locations when we recently went to Paris. Aside from posting tons of amazing locations for photo shoots, they also post a ton of amazing food flat lays. So, regardless of if you’re a fashion blogger, a landscape photographer, or a foodie blogger, this site can be of great help in making new discoveries.

@songofstyle by Aimee Song

When it comes to social media influencers, Aimee Song of popular Instagram page, @songofstyle, is the OG. With 4.9 million followers on Instagram and almost 300k subscribers on YouTube, she’s amassed herself a very serious following. Aimee has great photos and an even better sense of style, but that only wasn’t what catapulted her to the top of her industry. This influencer is incredibly business-minded and there’s a lot to be learned from the model she used to build her personal brand.

Aside from being a social media mega-influencer, successful interior designer and YouTube sensation, Aimee is also a New York Times Best Selling Author. In the book that landed her on the coveted New York Times Best Selling Author List, titled Capture Your Style, Aimee covers everything from photo editing to self branding and gaining followers. If you blog or you’re a social media influencer, chances are, you’ve already invested in Capture Your Style, which, for all intents and purposes, is a wealth of knowledge. In the off chance that you haven’t already read Aimee’s book, we highly suggest you do.

Aimee is incredibly selfless, from what can be told from her social media persona. She often shares pieces of advice, casually, on her Instagram stories or on her YouTube channel, some of which isn’t even in the book. I’d be shocked if you could find someone more generous and transparent than Aimee about the steps to success. In any case, check her out, check her YouTube and her book out. At the very least, you’ll learn a whole lot about success in the social media world.

Through the process of researching the best people and Instagram accounts for content advice to include in this article, we found one piece of advice that was consistent throughout: be unique. As a piece of advice from us on the Wolf Team, we back the claim that being uniquely yourself is the only thing that’s going to set you apart from the rest of the hundreds of thousands of people acting as influencers across multiple social media platforms. There’s that cheesy quote that says something along the lines of being yourself because everyone else is already taken. Success on social media, and on Instagram, especially, is getting harder and harder to achieve every single day. The market is incredibly saturated. There’s no shock there, but because there are millions of influencers, the only way to really stand apart is to be yourself. Find what makes you uniquely you, run with that and capitalize on it. We’ll tell you one thing: you won’t achieve success or more followers (if that’s how you want to define success on the platform) trying to be just like everyone else. We hope these Instagram accounts for content advice help your online journey!