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Instagram accounts for creative inspiration are a great way to get motivated. We all have those Instagram accounts that we borderline stalk. They’re the ones we turn to when we’re scrolling on Instagram, need inspiration or just want something cool to look at. With millions and millions of accounts on the platform, it can be tough and time consuming to seek out the best ones. In this article, we’re calling out some of our favorite sources of inspiration on Instagram at the moment. Recently, these people have been slaying the IG game and are big sources of inspiration in the industry. We’ve found ourselves scrolling endlessly on these feeds and these accounts have provided a lot of inspiration for our own blog/Instagram photos. All in all, whether you’re a photographer, influencer, stylist or even if you’re none of the above, these accounts are well worth following.

Instagram Accounts for Creative Inspiration



Vibe:  New York City cool, skilled photography/creative concepts, talented and fashion

Credit:  @tezza by Tessa Barton

Tessa Barton, or better known as Tezza, is an absolute icon. Her editing style and photography set her apart from the other fashion bloggers and is a major source of inspiration to over half a million people. In addition to being an amazing content creator (as if that wasn’t enough), Tessa also sings in a band, runs a successful business selling her presets and infamous wall collage kit. Life inspo? We think so. This beautiful girl makes New York City look so much cooler than any other blogger from the city. Somehow, she finds the most creative ways to make the storefront of a small noodle shop in Chinatown look like the hottest place around. This girl puts a lot of creative direction, thought and planning into each of her shoots, and it shows.


Vibe:  European romance, high end fashion, editorial and endearing

Credit:  @leoniehannie by Leonie Hannie

Talk about travel inspo! This popular German blogger might be as famous for her travel photos as she is for her style. Formerly known on Instagram as @ohhcouture, Leonie spends most of her time traveling Europe with her photographer husband. A quick scroll through her Instagram will take you through Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark… and that’s only in the last month. On top of being an absolute sweetheart, her creativity is beyond inspiring, making her well worth the follow. Whether you come to her feed for style, travel ideas, or for her awesome video content, it’ll easy to get inspired.


Vibe:  Soft vintage, beach and travel, swimwear and lace

Credit:  @emelinaah by Emily Yates

We don’t know a lot about this blogger, Emily Yates, but we do know that we like her content, a lot. We recently started following this babe when she was traveling the Italian coast on her honeymoon with her newlywed husband. All we can say is, wow. We’ve never seen someone more effortlessly cool, seriously. Her vibe is vintage, but not overly so. There’s a softness to her aesthetic that’s super enchanting and her creative direction is on point. Emily is a great resource for anyone in modeling, photography, influencing, advertising, etc. Her photos make you feel something, or at least pause for more than a second while you’re scrolling, which (let’s be honest) is really rare these days. Check her out, for sure.



Vibe:  Bahamas paradise, babes in bikinis, underwater photography

Credit:  @fance.and.jesse by France Duque & Jesse Rambis

We’ve followed this account for a while now, fascinated by their beach and underwater photography. These photographers are PR/marketing geniuses, and both really good looking and talented, so good for them. They shoot primarily swimwear models all over the Bahamas, swimming with stingrays, hanging out with pigs in crystal clear water, snorkeling with whale sharks. You’ve undoubtedly seen their work before, whether it be on Instagram or a Sports Illustrated spread. As if that wasn’t enough, they own their own vacation home (mansion) rental business on a privately owned island. Makes for amazing photography. Their editing style is flawless, bright and glossy. This account is an amazing source of inspiration for photographers, and really any type of content creator, so be sure to look them up.


Vibe:  Great outdoors, breathtaking landscapes, fresh perspectives

Credit:  @chrisburkard by Chris Burkard

Plain and simple, we love Chris Burkard. This super well known outdoors/landscape photographer is crazy talented. His photos are impressive, to say the least. He captures some of the most remote, unseen places on this planet and showcases their beauty. His feed takes you someone, anywhere, really. On his feed you’ll find photos from ice caves at The North Pole, to the hills of New Zealand and the peaks of Patagonia. The editing is, of course, flawless, and his eye for perspective, angle and contrast is truly unmatched. If you’re a photographer and don’t already know about Chris Burkard, we’re shocked, and if photographer isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we aren’t either and we still thoroughly enjoy his feed.


Vibe:  Romantic and moody, editorial fashion, mildly muted

Credit:  @champagneunicorns by Champagne

First off, this girl’s real name is Champagne. If that isn’t cool enough, then her photography will do the trick. We’re really into this girl’s photo and editing style, and we know you will be too. Her style is incredibly romantic and moody with deep tones and amazing light. She has amazing creative concepts and executes them flawlessly. If you’re a photographer, she’s super generous with her tips and photography tricks if you check her stories and highlights. On there, she shares camera settings, lighting tips, studio setup, etc.



Vibe:  Glam, boss babe, designer fashion

Credit:  @marianna_hewitt by Marianna Hewitt

There isn’t a bad thing to say about mega-blogger and CEO babe, Marianna Hewitt. This beauty blogger has made a name for herself in the industry and runs in the same social circles as celebrities like Kim Kardashian. On top of having some of the best makeup looks and tutorials, but she’s one of the only bloggers left who still run a successful blog site. This kind-hearted influencer is co-CEO to successful beauty brand, Summer Fridays and honestly one of the most stylish people we follow. If you’re a makeup artist, fellow influencer or work in creative concepts, definitely check out Marianna’s page for some serious inspiration.


Vibe:  Celebrity glam, flawless complexion, contour and bronzer

Credit:  @makeupbyariel by Ariel Tejada

If you’re into makeup, whatsoever, chances are you already follow Ariel from @makeupbyariel. This celebrity makeup artist has over 1.8 million followers and holds sold out seminars across the world. He’s a go-to choice for celebrities like all of the Kardashians and Jenners, Shay Mitchell and fellow makeup artist Desi Perkins. Ariel is super well known for the contour masterpieces he does for Kim Kardashian and the rest of the crew. He was one of the first to really pioneer this trend alongside those who made it a thing. He also does Kylie Jenner’s makeup on all of her Kylie Cosmetics campaigns and everyone should be bowing down to him for it. So talented.


Vibe:  California cool, everygirl glam, casual chic

Credit:  @sivanayla by Sivan Ayla Richards

Sivan Ayla is really just everything. She’s a mom, a comfy chic expert, an interior designer and a really good at makeup. Sivan doesn’t claim to be a professional makeup artist, but has some really great everyday looks that are really easy to follow from her tutorial videos. Her looks don’t require 6 layers of makeup and 25 products, but are simple, affordable and attainable. If you don’t check her out for her makeup tutorials, then you’ll find value in her product knowledge. Luckily for us, Sivan has a tried a million products and almost every beauty gadget/trend that rolls around. She shares her opinions openly and honestly, and we love her for it.

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