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Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration are a big niche. And since we’re still in the beginning of a new year and you know what that means! Lots and lots of fitness resolutions. Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions is always a tough task, especially when it come to healthy eating and exercise. One of the ways we stay on track with our exercise schedule and eating clean is through Instagram. What better place to be inspired and motivated than staring at all the amazing bodies on there? Better yet, Instagram has a wealth of exercise ideas, fitness routines, healthy recipes and general fitness advice that far surpasses most sites dedicated to the topic.

In this article, we’re sharing some of our go-to Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration packed with workouts, easy recipes and, of course, amazing bods. These women are an inspiring mix of mothers, girlfriends, and all around boss babes. They continue to inspire us with their determination, positive attitudes and perky assets. Be sure to check them out!

Instagram Accounts for Fitness Inspiration


Tammy Hembrow is one of Instagram’s OG fitness influencers and one look at her page will tell you why. This young Aussie is a mom to two adorable kids also has one of the most amazing bodies on IG. Tammy’s abs and booty are good enough to make anyone and everyone hop off the couch and get to the gym. Though she doesn’t post a lot of exercises to show us how she got her body to the place it’s at, she does share a ton of really cute gym looks and fitness brands, some pretty good supplements and protein brands, and overall health and wellness advice. She also has her own workouts available through her website and new app which is why she’s one of our favourite Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration!


Linn Lowes has to be one of our favorite Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration of all time. We owe a lot of what we know about good form and effective exercises to her and her IG posts. Linn runs a true-to-form, pure exercise account and sometimes sprinkles in a few photos of her and her adorable boyfriend or a great fitness brand. One of our favorite things about Linn and her account are her innovative exercise routines, which she graciously shares for free. As if that wasn’t enough, she does these super helpful “proper form” videos that shows you how to position your body to make sure you’re doing the exercises properly. This helps avoid injuries and also ensures effectiveness. Needless to say, this girl is super knowledgeable about fitness and we owe a lot of the progress we’ve made on our own bodies to her and her willingness to share.


This Swedish fitness guru might be the cutest (and most chiseled) human of all time. We just followed her fitness journey through the birth of her first child, which is really awesome for all you new moms or soon-to-be mothers who are looking to either stay in shape through your pregnancy or snap your body back postpartum. If you’re not a mom and aren’t trying to be anytime soon, don’t worry. The exercises that Denise posts are applicable for everyone and anyone. Our favorite thing about Denise and why we love her Instagram account for fitness inspiration is her innovation in the gym. She always finds ways to step up the challenge and make exercises unique. She also shares a ton of at home workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, which is really helpful for those of us without easy access to a gym or don’t have that much free time to leave the house.


Linn Jacobsson, also coincidentally another Swedish insta-babe, is one of our favorites for all around inspiration. Similar to Denise (above), is about to be a brand new mom and has selflessly shared workout routines and pregnancy-safe exercises throughout her 9 months. She shares a ton of exercises, work out brands, healthy eating advice, etc., which is obviously why she makes our list of Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration, no matter what you’re looking for. Linn is also great because she shares information on her personal life so you can get to know her in and outside of the gym. Her husband is adorable, her style is great and her personality is even better. She’s the best mix of fitness influencer and lifestyle blogger, and we’re all about it.


One of the most important parts about fitness and health has to do with your diet and daily food intake. If you’ve never heard of the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” get yourself acquainted with it. It’s the truest advice anyone could ever give you about slimming down and staying trim. There’s a lot of science that goes into a healthy, effective diet plan and it’s honestly not that easy to navigate if you aren’t well versed in nutrition. We’ve used @healthyfoodadvice for years to get meal ideas and nutrition education and is our go-to Instagram account for fitness inspiration in the food department. A lot of what we’ve learned about fitness from a kitchen perspective has been from this account, and the best part is that it’s all free. There are tons of diet and meal plan guides for purchase that cost hundreds of dollars. There’s nothing in those expensive guides that you can’t find on this Instagram account. Check it out! At the very least, you’ll learn something new.

Don’t worry, for all our male readers out there we’ll be sharing an article with our favourite male Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration soon! If you liked this article and are interested in checking out more articles to get you inspired with your content, check out the Wolf Blog!