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Instagram Analytics by Wolf Global recently launched in Beta mode to provide our members with crucial information on their Instagram accounts and activity to boost their online presence. We worked for months to bring together this project and we are so excited to have our members using it.

Wolf Global Analytics is accessed through a group on Telegram, similar to our Instagram engagement pods. Access to Wolf Global Analytics is available through the Wolf Global Entry channel and provides our members with insights on their Instagram accounts ranging from account health, media statistics, post tracking and even provides information on Hashtags. We decided to break down how our Instagram Analytics work and how you can use them to your advantage to get ahead.

Wolf Global Analytics is open to all Wolf Global members, however certain analytical functions are restricted to premium members. Currently, Wolf Global Analytics has 5 different reports it can provide members. To gather specific reports, members will type in the respect command followed by the Instagram account (including the @) they’re looking to run reports on. Let’s walk through each report, how to pull it and how this information can benefit your Instagram Content Strategy

Account Statistics

Available to all Wolf Global members is Account Statistics, which accessible with the /stats command and provides basic information on your such as follower count and engagement ratios. This report is great to learn in detail how Instagrammers engage with your content, but can also be used to check up on your competitors performance.

Media Report

Media Reports is available to all members with Junior level access and gives members a report on all published content on your account such as total posts and daily average posts. This is great to understand posting patterns to better strategize your content and can be accessed with the /media command.

Hashtag Entry Report

Hashtag Entry, gives insights on the engagement averages required to rank as a top post for a specific hashtag, accessible with the /entryvalue command. The entry value of a specific hashtag is the average amount of likes/comments received by the top 9 posts featured for a specific hashtag. This report is great for users to understand the behind of scenes of hashtag ranking and for those trying to get their content viral. This report is also only available to those with Junior level access.

Hashtag Report

Senior level access opens up the Hashtag Report, which details information on the hashtags you’ve used throughout your posts. By learning which hashtags perform better, or worse, you can narrow down the top performers and select which those to use in the future. This report is accessed with the /hashtags command.

Post Tracking

Post tracking is the final report accessible by Wolf Global Analytics and provides members with reports on the account’s most recent post for the first 30 minutes of it going live. Once this report is activated with the /tracking command, the member will receive an engagement progress report every 5 minutes detailing likes and comments received. This report is great to help you see how people engage with your content as it goes live and determine when are the busiest times for your content overall.

Instagram Analytics by Wolf Global in currently in Beta stage but we are working to test with users and finalize the official release as soon as possible. This tool is really the first step to helping you plan an aggressive and effect Instagram content strategy, whether you’re starting a business or looking to showcase your work. As always with Wolf Global tools, you can expect updates, enhancements and new features to be rolled out in the future!