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As you know, using Instagram for business has endless benefits when it comes to marketing your brand. Out of all the social media platforms out there it is one of the best to showcase products and services, and to build brand awareness. This is in no doubt thanks to the visual aspect of content on Instagram, and the many different ways you can create. Whether you like to stick to basics with only posts and Instagram Stories, or are into trying new things with Reels and Instagram Live the options are endless. But with all these exciting ways to market, it’s important to have the right Instagram apps for business to maximize your potential.

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Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Social Media Team

While Instagram itself does have quite a few features and tools for business to utilize, it doesn’t hurt to add extra tools to complement them. That is where having the right Instagram apps for your business is essential. Today we are going to break down the best Instagram apps for business that will help with:

  • Analytics & Insights – Apps that will help you learn more about your content, audience and performance.
  • Photo Editing – All the apps you need to edit your photos like a pro
  • Instagram Stories – Apps to help you create captivating Instagram Story content
  • Content & Feed Management – Everything you’ll need to manage your content, and create a stunning feed
  • Video Editing – Apps to create professional quality video content.

There are so many great apps available on the market – both free and paid options – that will help you take your Instagram marketing to the next level. We’re breaking down our favourites that we recommend you checkout.

Top Instagram Apps for Business

Analytics & Insights


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Hootsuite

Image via Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the original tools for social media management, and one of the top Instagram apps for business marketing. Beyond just providing post scheduling, Hootsuite also has resources to provide you analytics and insights into your Instagram performance that goes beyond the in-app data. Hootsuite also gives you the ability to create customizable reports that can be shared with your team.

The great thing about Hootsuite is it can be accessed from a desktop or via their mobile apps.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Sproutsocial

Image via Sproutsocial

Another great tool for insights is Sproutsocial. They allow you optimize your social media strategy with a wide range of analytical tools. Beyond just post data, Sproutsocial can also provide you with information about hashtag trends, audience engagement and even analyze your competitors.

Similarly to Hootsuite, Sproutsocial has both iOS and Android apps and the option to access it from your desktop.

iOS | Android

Command for Instagram

Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Command for Instagram

Command for Instagram is a very dynamic tool that provides insights in a sightly different way. Probably the best Instagram app for business in the world of analytics. One thing we love about Command is that they provide a daily report for you that sheds light on everything from follower growth to website clicks. Having all this information provided to you in a centralized place helps make the administrative work of your social media marketing that much easier.

Unfortunately the app is only available for iOS users, but it’s well worth the switch if you’re looking to upgrade your mobile device.


Photo Editing


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_VSCO

VSCO Cam is a huge favorite of bloggers, content creators and photographers alike. The app is available for iPhone and Android, and has loads of customizable editing features and filters. The apps itself is free although some of the pre-done filters are available for purchase in packages, which often go on promotion! They also have a yearly membership to the app which gives you full access to everything, which is a newer feature. Whether you use the filters or editing tools to customize your content, VSCO is a great tool to use.

VSCO is avaible for both iOS and Android devices.

iOS | Android

Lightroom Mobile

Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Lightroom Mobile

For those who prefer going the professional route or who work between a computer and mobile for editing, Adobe has a Lightroom App! Although it might not have all the features that you’re accustomed to with the desktop version, it does have the bulk of them. Enough to do some pretty great editing with things like contrasts, sharpness and cropping.

You can download Lightroom Mobile on both iOS and Android devices.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Snapseed

Snapseed is an editing app made by Google with over 25 great features not seen in all editing apps. You can edit both RAW and JPG files which is a great feature especially for photographers. The app also has a built in “Insights” feature that offers tips and tricks on how to use the app and improve your photography skills.

Although a Google product, Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS users.

iOS | Android

Instagram Stories


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Unfold

Image via

One of the most popular Instagram Story template apps out there, Unfold will certainly not disappoint. If you’ve wondered how to add multiple photos to one Instagram Story in those film templates, this is the Instagram Story collage app for you! Choose from a huge collection of different collage templates to bring life to your Instagram Stories, and soon everyone will be asking you how to make a collage on Instagram Story!

You can download Unfold for both iOS and Android.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Storyluxe

Image via Storyluxe

Another app similar to Unfold, and another on the list of popular apps for Instagram Stories is Storyluxe. We love app because like Unfold, you can use both video and pictures to create collages from a huge library. They update the app regularly with new collages and always include holiday and seasonal themed collections. The one thing that certainly sets this app apart from Unfold is you can customize the branding on certain sets like the film frames, and add your own backgrounds.

Storyluxe is exclusively available for iOS.



Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Over

Image via Over

If you’re looking for an app to edit to your Instagram Stories with fonts and graphics that will stand out, Over is probably the app for you! It’s an app to easily edit videos and images either from scratch using their huge library of fonts and graphics or with one of their many templates available. Once you’re done creating your content, Over lets you either post directly to social media, schedule your post or save it to your phone.

Over is available on desktop, iOS and Android devices.

iOS | Android

Content & Feed Management



Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Planoly

Image via Planoly

Planoly is an extremely feature-rich Instagram planning app perfect for anyone from beginner to experienced social influencers. It directly pull photos from all albums on your phone as well as your live Instagram feed, and lays it all out into a grid to preview how it would look on your Instagram feed. You can rearrange the order of pictures in the feed by dragging and dropping them throughout. In addition, Planoly has great features like a calendar and scheduling options which are extremely easy to use, and it can also instantly post your content to Instagram itself. This app comes packed with an incredible amount of features including profile analytics and an easy to view comments section. To top it all off, Planoly can be accessed from your desktop too, making it that much easier to organize your Instagram feed.

Planoly is available for iOS and Android.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_UNUM

UNUM is a simple to use Instagram planning app and a favourite for most Instagrammers. It’s free to download and uses your live Instagram feed to show you currently published content, and allows for planning above it. This app let’s you rearrange pictures by dragging and dropping, along with scheduling options to you reminders to publish posts. Overall UNUM has a clean and simple layout with the option to customize the look of your app from light to dark, along with a variety of color accents. UNUM also provides hashtag recommendations so you can be sure you’re using tags that relate to your niche and content. It also counts the number of hashtags used in your caption so you can be sure to never go over that 30 hashtag limit set by Instagram.

Get UNUM for iOS and Android devices.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Preview App

Image via Preview

Another extremely easy to use app packed with more than just feed planning feature is Preview. The app is free to plan and schedule unlimited photos and videos before posting them to your Instagram feed. Preview also has built-in features that allow you to do small edits and filters on your content before publishing. It’s really a great app for those who want to keep their Instagram editing and posting routine to a minimal. Within Preview, users can also search their directory of hashtags by keyword, and use a bunch of their account monitoring tools to analyze your account’s growth and audiences interactions. Preview has a bunch of other advance features like managing multiple accounts, team sharing and reposting without watermarks.

Preview is avaiable for iOS and Android devices.

iOS | Android

Video Editing


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Splice

One of the great Instagram Apps for business in the video editing category is Splice. It’s a classic video editing app that allows you to create professional looking videos directly on your phone. With this app, there is no need to worry about powerful video editing programs to do simple edits like trimming footage or adding transitions between frames! You can add visual effects, music and even sound effects to your videos.

Download Splice for iOS and Android.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_KUNI Cam

KUNI Cam is an app that everyone should have downloaded on their phones. One of our favourite apps for both video and image editing, KUNI Cam is popular for its vintage style editing tools. You can edit your content with the help of different filters, dust effects, light-leaks and our favorite the 3D effect.

iOS | Android


Wolf Global_Instagram Apps for Business_Hyperlapse Instagram

Image via Joe’s Daily

Hyerlapse is an app created by Instagram to act as a complimentary tool to your content. With Hyperlapse you can create top quality video content without needed all of the high tech equipment. The app stabilizes video content so you don’t need fancy tripods or a stable arm. You can also manipulate the video speed to create cool effects that’ll capture the attention of your audience.

Hyperlapse is exclusively available on iOS.