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Instagram bio writing can be a little challenging, especially figuring out how to define yourself or your business in 150 characters. We covered how to plan your feed to attract Instagram followers, but your bio is just as crucial! This is the first spot every user who visits your Instagram profile sees; it’s what will make or break catching their attention enough to scroll down your feed, and eventually follow you.Your Instagram bio can be short and sweet, long and details or just something witty and playful, but whatever in whatever direction you decide to take it make sure that it fits your overall brand and tone.

If you’re searching for tips to refresh your Instagram bio or looking for the best way to write up your a bio for your first Instagram account, keep reading as we share our biggest tips for writing an Instagram bio that will attract more followers!

1. Key Information

The most important thing when it comes to Instagram bio writing, is picking what information you choose to include. Think of this like a business card! Instagram allows only 150 characters in your bio, so it’s important to maximize it and make each space count. If you’re not too sure where to start, bring it back down to the basics and think of the 3 Ws: Who, Where and What. Who is this account for: yourself, your business, your dog? Where are you located? And what is it that you do? It’s important to note when answering these questions, you obviously want to make sure that the information makes sense in your Instagram bio. Many people include things like who they (or their business) are, what they do, how they can be contacted and where they are located, but others keep it super simple with a saying or quote that represents them, or a couple emojis. The more you include about you, the more information people have to entice them to follow you.

2. Readable

Now that you have your key information ready, it’s time to make sure that whatever format you use, the information is easily read by others. To achieve this some people will keep their Instagram bio clean and simple, using proper punctuation. Others might decide to organize information with line breaks. You can achieve this by drafting your bio in your notes on your phone or computer with line breaks, and copy/pasting it into Instagram. Then there are those who like to use separators like emojis to break up the areas within their bio. Whichever way works for you, make sure that the overall look of your Instagram bio is clean, uncluttered and ready to attract readers.

3. Use All Areas

Most people don’t realize they have more than just their Instagram bio area to get key information in. If you have a personal profile, you’re given a field for a website. But most now or days use an Instagram Business Profile which profiles you with even more options like location tag, directions, phone number and email fields all that allow Instagram users to directly contact or locate you from the app. We cannot stress enough how key it is to use all these areas, which save you from writing your location and email directly in your bio – saving you more space for that witty quote! Don’t forget, Instagram has recently given us the chance to save Story Highlights directly to our pages, and although not directly part of the bio it does sit under it and it’s a great way to get people to notice important content from your Instagram Story.

So do you think you’ve mastered Instagram bio writing yet? Do you see yourself having a clean and detailed bio, or a more free-spirited and simple one? Whichever way you choose to go, just keep in mind that your Instagram bio is your first impression to users and you should always aim to create something that you yourself would be interested in!