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Instagram content on the go can be a tough thing to balance, especially if you take your Instagram content management seriously. Whether you’re running a small business, big brand or your own personal account a big part of today’s social media is sharing your life in real time especially with the popularity of Instagram Stories and Snapchat which encourage instant content. But if you want to put a lot more thought into your Instagram content then just posting and going, there can be quite a bit of work that goes into each post whether it’s an image on your feed or video content for your Instagram Story.

When it comes to editing Instagram content to post on your feed it can ultimately be as complicated, or easy as you want it to be. Some just slap on a simple VSCO filter, while other would prefer to use a Lightroom Preset while using a few other apps for small edits and effects. The complexity of your Instagram content editing comes down to your personal preference in how you want your images to look. There are so many apps available in the Apple App and Google Play stores, and we have a ton of articles on the Wolf Blog with photography editing advice incase you need some inspiration. In any case, having editing apps available on your mobile devices makes editing Instagram content on the go a breeze!

Instagram Stories on the other hand do have some limitations when it comes to editing, while also have some unique features that separate them from your other Instagram content. Most editing apps out there do not allow for editing videos when it comes to filters and changing things like contrast and exposure like you would with most image editing apps. VSCO recently opened up some editing features for videos to X subscribers so if you use VSCO to edit your Instagram content, you can get your Instagram Stories to match your feed’s look. In any case editing Instagram content on the go for Instagram Stories can be a bit easier than your feed content.

Whatever Instagram content you’re editing to post, managing your Instagram content on the go up to this point is already proving to have its challenges right? Well all this may be true, thanks to the world of mobile devices and the endless options for apps it can be made a little bit easier for all of us. We took a look at what it takes to edit, plan and post Instagram content on the go and came up with this guide packed with tips and tricks to help make the process easy for everyone!

Instagram Content On The Go: Editing

Editing Instagram Posts

Editing Instagram content on the go doesn’t require you carry your laptop with you and in fact can be done directly from your phone. Although some do prefer using desktop based editors like Adobe Lightroom CC, the truth is heavy editing tools like that is usually only required when you’re talking about large scale and print photography. Because your Instagram content is intended to be viewed on a mobile device, editing on one isn’t a huge deal when it comes to image quality. There are so many great editing apps for Instagram content on the go, but we’re outlining the top 3 we recommend.


VSCO is no doubt the OG when it comes to editing Instagram content. They’ve surely come a long way from their days of just offering Lightroom presets, noting that their app is probably the most popular choice among bloggers and influencers when it comes to editing Instagram content on the go. The best feature with VSCO is their wide range of pre-made presets along with the ability to create your own mixing their presets with other edits available within the app. The presets literally take editing from changing multiple individual settings into a one-tap task.

Download: App Store | Google Play

2. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is the direct alternative to VSCO and sort of known as it’s #1 competition. It has all the same great editing features as VSCO such as pre-made filters and your basic edits like contrasts and cropping. But Afterlight 2 offers some features that its competition doesn’t like light leaks and dust effects that have become quite a popular editing style among celebrities, influencers and bloggers.

Download: App Store | Google Play

3. Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile

I know I mentioned that the more powerful editing tools like Adobe Lightroom CC aren’t necessary for Instagram content but Adobe does have a mobile version of Lightroom CC that’s a great tool for editing Instagram content on the go. If you already use Lightroom CC for desktop, then having a mobile app to work out of when you can’t get to a desktop is a big help for streamlining work. The Lightroom CC app has most of all the desktop features and even carries over your desktop presets to be used making editing your Instagram content on the go extremely easy.

Download: App Store | Google Play

Editing Instagram Stories

When it comes to editing Instagram Stories on the go depending on your style there might actually be a bit more effort required versus an Instagram post. Generally with an Instagram Post you’ll add a filter and go, whereas with Instagram Stories there are not only filters, but text and other fun effects that can be used to enhance them. Luckily, there are some great apps available on the market to make it easy while you’re on the go!

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a great app for Instagram Stories especially if you’re a brand or business. The app offers both blank canvases and a wide variety of pre-made templates that can be customized to fit your taste. You also have the option to save your work within the app so you can save your own designs to be reused or work in batches so you don’t have to worry about finishing your edits before the train gets to your stop!

Download: App Store | Google Play

2. Hype Type

If you’re looking for a fun app to add text to your Instagram Stories and help you with editing Instagram content on the got, then download Hype Type. It beats all other text apps because you can add animated text and there are so many font and effect options. The app’s main purpose is centred around adding text to your content, so it is mainly limited to that but you also have the option to add music.

Download: App Store

3. Over

Over is also another great app for editing Instagram Stories, and is super easy to use when it comes to Instagram content on the go. Over could be considered a blend between the two options cited above, although it does have some differences, and limitations. Just like with Spark, Over comes with pre-made templates or you can create your own from scratch. And just like with Hype Type, Over does have the option to add fonts, although no animation features. But unlike Spark and Hype Type, Over also has a wide variety of backgrounds, icons and graphics that can be added to your edits giving you just that much more!

Download: App Store | Google Play

Instagram Content On The Go: Planning

Now that your Instagram content is edited and ready to be published, before you go ahead and do that it’s always best to have a plan. Planning your Instagram content in advance allows you to do the bulk of the work to prepare your content before hand, and easily post it while on the go. This is especially helpful for brands to people managing multiple accounts so they can keep organized and on schedule with their posting. Here are some great planning app suggestions to help better manage your Instagram content on the go!

1. Planoly

Planoly is a must-have tool if you ask any blogger or influencer. It allows you to easily plan out your Instagram feed before publishing as well as including captions to make posting on the go easy as 1-2-3. Planoly also has the ability to plan out your Instagram Stories too so you can manage your entire content schedule from one app!

Download: App Store | Google Play

2. Preview

Preview is another great Instagram content planning app used by many bloggers, influencers and brands. It works similar to any other planner with the ability to organize your feed, apply small edits to images and schedule your posts. Preview allows you to post from the app either to your feed or Instagram Stories, so again another app where you can plan all your Instagram content in one.

Download: App Store | Google Play


UNUM is more minimal in it’s design but don’t let that fool you, this app is packed with just as many features as it’s competitors. It’s a little ambiguous to navigate at first glance, but once you get familiar with it, it’s extremely simple to use. Although there isn’t directly the option to plan and post Instagram Stories, you can use the grids to pre plan your content, save it to your camera roll and then post it.

Download: App Store | Google Play

Instagram Content On The Go: Posting

The last part of managing Instagram content on the go is obviously posting it. For the most part, publishing Instagram content to your feed doesn’t take much time and is fairly easy to do while on the go. The same can be said of Instagram Stories if you just want to film and publish. But if you’re looking to add edits and customize your shots before they’re published, then all that multitasking might be a challenge. There are a couple things you can do however to make it a little easier.

1. Pre-Shoot Your Content

The biggest trick when it comes to Instagram content on the go, especially for your Stories, is pre-filming everything and saving it to your camera roll. So many bloggers and influencers do this for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason for this is, especially if you have several frames that go together as one, it’s best to post them consecutively so your audience doesn’t loose interest waiting for the next one. It also allows you to live in the moment a little more and enjoy whatever event or activity you’re doing without the pressure of having to stop every few seconds to edit, plan and post your content.

2. Schedule Time To Post

Constantly being on the go might not be an option, especially if you’re balancing multiple clients or your own content in between your 9 to 5. Whether you plan to post daily or only a few times a week, the easiest way to manage your Instagram content on the go is to schedule time within your day to post. Think of it this way, posting to your feed or Instagram Stories doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes, so it should be easy to do. Scheduling this time during your day, even if it’s while in a taxi on a way to a meeting, will make it easier to fit into your day.

Managing Instagram content on the go no doubt has it’s challenges but with all the tools available to us on our mobile devices it can be made much easier. If you’re looking for more tips on Instagram content and strategies then head to the Wolf Blog for more great reads!