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The world of Instagram Engagement Pods can be a difficult one to navigate. A concept that started in the underworld of Instagram around 2016 was a way for top bloggers and influencers on the platform to come together and defeat those horrid Instagram algorithms. Forward into 2018, and engagement pods are becoming more and more popular with everyone from bloggers to business to everyday Instagrammers.

With so many different types of engagement pods and ways they are managed, it can be hard to figure out how to use them. We decided to put together our guide on using Instagram Engagement Pods for beginners to help ease your transition!

Step 1: Find A Hosting Platform That Works For You

Instagram Engagement Pods can be found everywhere from Facebook to Instagram and even 3rd party on chat apps like What’s App or Telegram. Most of the top Instagrammers and Bloggers turn to Telegram for their pods for the sole reason that it’s not affiliated with Instagram in any capacity, and you are able to use the app both on mobile and desktop.

Step 2: Join Engagement Pods That Fit Your Needs

There are so many different kinds of Instagram pods. Some are just for likes, while others provide likes, comments and even posts shares. There are also niche specific engagement pods and those meant for accounts with follower minimums designed to help boost your content on the explore page. Whichever type of pod you decided to join, make sure you are willing to commit to giving the engagement you expect back in return. Over 50 Instagram engagement pods – each with a unique concept await you over at Wolf Global! Click here to become a member!

Step 3: Read The Rules

An important part to using Instagram Engagement Pods is following the rules and etiquette of the group. Most groups hosted on Telegram, for example, pinned their group rules on the top of the chat feed or an automated message with rules will immediately follow after you join. Worst case, message an administrator if you’re not sure! Understanding the cycle of the group, best practices for dropping links and other key information is important to avoid being blacklisted from groups. Rules to Wolf Global groups can be found on our FAQ section – click here to visit!

Step 4: Catch-up Often

Especially in 24 hour cycle pods, it can be a tedious task to catch-up on engagement for sometimes hundreds of posts. Our best recommendation to make this easy for you? Catch-up when you have time a couple times throughout the day to make this task less grueling for you. You can leave a marker where you finish if you don’t plan on dropping a link right away.

Step 5: Post During Peak Times

A great tip for ensuring the maximum amount of engagement right away on your posts is sharing your links during the groups busy times. You can do this by monitoring the group’s activity your first couple days into it, or thinking of your peak posting times, especially if you are in an engagement pod with members local to you, as many other Instagrammers follow those too. We also recommending timing your post publishing with when you can drop in the Instagram engagement pods, but that’s a discussion for another time!

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on Instagram Engagement Pods!