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Whether you spend hours setting up the perfect shot, or prefer more candid style content, most of us put at least some kind of effort when it comes to curating the perfect Instagram feed. Between choosing between a few (read million) pictures, editing lighting and tones, and coming up with a fitting caption it’s a lot of work. But are you noticing that no matter what you do, you’re finding you just can’t grow your account at the rate you were hoping.

Have you thought about what your Instagram feed looks like collectively? Well maybe it’s time  you start! Think of it this way, someone sees and likes your content, clicks on your username and checks out your page. You have about 5-10 seconds to capture their attention enough to get them to start scrolling through your feed and hopefully start following you. Here’s 3 tips on planning your Instagram feed to attract more followers!

1. Maximize Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is an extremely important part of your profile, especially if you’re hoping to grow your followers. Whether you want to share details on who you are, and what you do or you’d rather keep your Bio short and sweet, it needs to catch their attention. Keep it clean with either line breaks (which can be drafted in your notes), separators or using proper punctuation. If you’re looking to work with brands, leaving your contact information and even location makes it easy for them to identify you to collaborate on potential campaigns.

2. Balance Your Content (#1 Tip to Curating the Perfect Instagram Feed)

As much as your followers are attracted to you because of your content style, they still want to see variety in what you post. Whether you’re content is more lifestyle based, or you’re strictly trying to grow a foodie account, keeping your content fresh and your followers visually stimulated is important. You can break up your feed in a variety of different ways like with different styles of content. Serious Instagrammers will usually refer to this balance as content, like outfit posts, selfies or sponsored posts and fillers like flatlays, flower shots or quotes. If you prefer keeping your Instagram feed more uniform, try playing around with color themes (keeping in a 3, 6 or 9 pattern) or for a super minimal look, using white spaces between posts. A great way to plan everything out before publishing is using feed planners like UNUM or Planoly.

3. Pick A Feed Color Scheme

If you’re looking for that last little touch to seal to the deal and turn that page view into a follower, looking to unify your content color scheme is definitively the cherry on top. Whether you edit in advanced programs like Adobe Lightroom or you’d rather keep it simple and use Afterlight or VSCO Cam, there are so many edits you can try and come up with something custom to you. You can pull Instagram feed inspiration from Pinterest or Google or play around with your photo editing apps and come up with something on your own. Having all your content editing in the same tone is extreme eye catching and definitely a great way to get Instagrammers swooning over your feed.

And to top it all – you can look into using various apps like Preview and Planoly to curate – plan and schedule the perfect Instagram feed!

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on planning the perfect Instagram feed!