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Instagram hack safety is something we don’t hear about often when it comes to advice. With over 600,000 members in the Wolf Global community, lately we have been getting a lot of reports from users who have had their accounts hacked, their engagement destroyed and worse their accounts totally being deleted. More often than not – it seems that there is one common reason for this occurrence: users handing over their Instagram login information.

With Telegram growing at the speed of light and engagement pods coming up every day – there have been a recent boom in ‘automated’ pods where you give a bot your Instagram login credentials and it does the liking on your behalf. What a lot of users aren’t realizing is that this bot was created by an individual who has completely and total access to both the bot, and your information.

Trusting Bots

You giving your login details to a ‘bot’ is same as you handing over your login credentials to that total stranger. Creators can very well claim that their bot or website has X level of security and certification but that is to avoid data breach and hackers.  The people running the show – the strangers – have full access to your Instagram account to do with it anything that they please.

The same is to be said with all these social media agencies to claim to grow your accounts “organically” and even some influencer collaboration platforms that require your login information information. There are many of these services that are totally legitimate and mean no harm whatsoever, but it’s important to realize that some are here to steal accounts so doing your research thoroughly is extremely vital.  

We have seen 1000s of people getting hacked, having their engagement destroyed and their accounts abused – and the reason is that they give away their login credentials to these third party bots, websites and so-called ‘growth-services’. Strangers that have your login details can do anything with your account – they can use it to sell likes and follows from your accounts to paying customers, turn your Instagram account itself into a bot and even just destroy it, just for the fun of it.

But like we said above, not all services and websites mean harm and some genuinely require access to your account in order to provide you with the optimal experience. This is especially important for influencer collaboration platforms like Revfluence or Octoly and social media management agencies. Some of these companies do require access to your account mainly for things like statistics or inbox management. If you are looking to sign up to any influencer platforms or social media agencies do your research extensively to ensure they are credible, what services they are exactly providing you and look into why exactly they need access to your account. Also, be smart and read through all terms and conditions so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Does purchasing social media services harm your account?

A lot of our members have asked if purchasing social media services or using Instagram engagement pods is what causes the hacks. The truth is you can do whatever you like: use engagement pods, buy likes, exchange shoutouts or participate in loop giveaways… do anything. But whatever you do, do not give away your account login credentials, especially when it comes to buying social media services or using engagement pods. Think of it this way; At Wolf Global, we provide both Instagram engagement pods and social media services, both of which never require your login information. Even our Auto Liker Extension for Google Chrome, which does require you to be logged into Instagram on your browser, does not directly need or even capture your login information. If we can find a way to provide tools and services without needing direct access to your account, it’s clear it can be done.

Some sites will claim that purchasing social media services can harm your account. But the truth is platforms like Instagram can never punish you for buying likes, followers, views or anything of that sort for the simple reason that they can never know if it is you who made the purchase. You can go online and buy 100,000 followers for anyone you like right now. Does that mean you can ruin anyones IG account? Impossible. Instagram will obviously not punish that account. If that was the case – then we all could invest some money and watch our competitors on Instagram burn.

The only time Instagram can punish you is when it knows it is your account directly that did something wrong. The only time it can be sure is if you use your login credentials. That is why handing your account over to a bot or website and having it automated is when the issues begin to happen. This is also why we suggest when using out Auto Liker Extension for Google Chrome, that you use it on a slower, more realistic setting and give breaks in between using it throughout the day.

The moral of the story is, whether it’s you automating your account and Instagram punishing you, or you handing over your credentials and having someone else access your account it’s just unsafe and not worth the trouble. This is why at Wolf Global, we’ve worked hard to build a safe Instagram engagement pods and even safer products and tools for our members to use.

With the community we have and the team that’s behind it we could easily build up an automated likes, power likes or growth bot within a couple of hours and have thousands of members join us in a snap – but there is reason we never did it. It’s completely unethical and unfair to all the members of our community who trust us.

Instagram hack safety is so vital. Its bums us out to see some amazing influencers whose careers are built on Instagram getting hacked and abused. We really hope that this information has been useful and will save your Instagram from harm!