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Instagram planning apps are a great tool to use if you’re looking to enhance the overall look of your Instagram feed. We touched a bit about the overall key aspects of perfect Instagram feed planning in a previous post but it only slightly touched on planning tools. When it comes to curating a visually attractive feed, consistency is one of the key traits that make an Instagram feed beautiful, appealing to eyes, and make people want to click that “Follow” button. Although the skills to post coordinated and well-balanced posts may come natural to some people, to most others, having a tool to help visually it all before the Instagram post goes live is a big help.

But planning the visual look of your Instagram feed is not the only way Instagram planning apps can help you organize your content, they can also help you with keeping your content organized overall, versus having everything scattered in your photo library. Whether you’re looking to plan your Instagram content to help visualize the look of your feed or just keep your content organized, here are some great Instagram planning apps that you’re sure to love!


Image by Planoly

Planoly is an extremely feature-rich Instagram planning app perfect for anyone from beginner to experienced social influencers. Planoly directly pull photos from all albums on your phone as well as your live Instagram feed, and lays it all out into a grid to preview how it would look on your Instagram feed. You can rearrange the order of pictures in the feed by dragging and dropping them throughout. In addition, Planoly has great features like a calendar and scheduling options which are extremely easy to use, and it can also instantly post your content to Instagram itself. Planoly comes packed with an incredible amount of features including profile analytics and an easy to view comments section. To top it all off, Planoly can be accessed from your desktop too, making it that much easier to organize your Instagram feed.

But all those rich features do come at a price. Although there is an extremely limited free option, Planoly is for the most part a subscription based app so you’ll have to pay for it, which makes this the most expensive of the options we’re covering. Planoly requires a monthly subscription fee after the free trial, which is 15 days. Plans start at $7 per month for a SOLO account. Plans for multiple Instagram accounts start at $15.


Image by UNUM

UNUM is a simple to use Instagram planning app and a favourite for most Instagrammers. UNUM is free to download and uses your live Instagram feed to show you currently published content, and allows for planning above it. Aside from simply planning your Instagram feed, UNUM let’s you rearrange pictures by dragging and dropping, along with scheduling options to you reminders to publish posts; UNUM currently does not have a feature to post your Instagram content for you. Overall UNUM has a clean and simple layout with the option to customize the look of your app from light to dark, along with a variety of color accents.

A favourite feature of the UNUM is that not only does the app allow you to draft captions before you publish, but UNUM also searches profile tags so you can be sure that you’re using the right Instagram handle and hashtag searches with post counts so you can be sure you’re using the best hashtags for your niche. UNUM also counts the number of hashtags used in your caption so you can be sure to never go over that 30 hashtag limit set by Instagram.


Image by Swayam

Mosaico may just be the Instagram planning app for you if all you’re look for is an extremely simple to use app to just check whether one picture fits all your other posted and to-be posted pictures. Using Mosaico is as easy as adding images, planning captions, and hitting post! The drag and drop feature is intuitive, and it also has functions for scheduling and using hashtags for your posts. Mosaico does come at the cost of just under $10, but it’s a one-time payment rather than a monthly subscription that can get a bit costly if you don’t necessarily have the budget.

Instagram planning apps are an extremely useful tool for those working with Social Media, be it for feed planning or content organization. But don’t think that they are just for the pros; these easy to use apps are great for anyone looking to work on the overall look of their Instagram feed. Each of the apps that we’ve outline are great choices to go with and the only way to tell which one will work for you and your needs, is by taking the time to try them out and discover each of this unique Instagram planning apps.


Image by Preview

Another extremely easy to use app packed with more than just feed planning feature is Preview. The app is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play and is free to plan and schedule unlimited photos and videos before posting them to your Instagram feed. Preview also has built-in features that allow you to do small edits and filters on your content before publishing, so it’s really a great app for those who want to keep their Instagram editing and posting routine to a minimal.

Within Preview, users can also search their directory of hashtags by keyword, and use a bunch of their account monitoring tools to analyze your account’s growth and audiences interactions. Preview has a bunch of other advance features like managing multiple accounts, team sharing and reposting without watermarks. Preview really is so much more than just an Instagram planning app and it’s a great option!


Image by Plann

Plann may very well be the leader in all Instagram planning apps for so many reasons. Asides from having the obvious feed planning ability, you can also plan out your Instagram Stories which with their rise makes it an extremely valuable tool. And just like some of the other apps we’ve listed here, with Plann users can also do editing directly within it with filters, edits, texts and stickers!

Some of the more advanced features with Plann includes not only analytics on your account but a feature they call Sneaky Peak that analyzes competitors accounts and posts so you can see what works well for them, and what doesn’t and use that data within your own strategy. You can also pre-plan out hashtags and group them based on topics which makes it easy for you to keep your favourite hashtags based on what you’re posting. And probably our favourite feature about this app is the strategy planning feature that plans out the type of content to be posted in each grid for versatility.