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So you’re finally ready to dive into Instagram Reels. And if you’re reading this you’re probably not sure where to begin. Instagram Reel ideas for beginners anyone?

Don’t worry because video content doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact many find it intimidating or something that should be left to professionals. And the others aren’t really sure how to transition into video content. For the longest time Instagram was exclusively a photo sharing platform. It’s only in recent years that features like Stories and Reels have been available as Instagram evolves to stay competitive with other platforms. And today Instagram has a strong focus on Reels, making it nearly a necessity if you want to gain exposure.

With that pressure on creators and marketers we wanted to share Instagram Reel ideas for beginners. These content concepts are not only simple to create but also easy to transition from your current creative style. This will help make that transition to video content that much easier for you. However before you begin, we definitively recommend you checkout our Instagram Reel guide for beginners.

Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners

Still Videos

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Still Videos

via @coffeewithaman

Probably one of the easiest ways to transition into Instagram Reels is with still videos. Set up a scene as you would for a video; this could be a flatlay or a styled room. Then either with your phone on a tripod (or in a steady hand) film 5-10 seconds of the scene. Once you’re happy with your video, pick audio that fits the mood and add your final touches. The great thing about Reels is that you don’t need to publish long videos, this is why still videos are so great for beginners.

Outfit of the Day/Try On Haul

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Try On Haul

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For those in the fashion space sharing your outfit of the day or latest shopping haul just comes natural. And each of these make really great Instagram Reel ideas for beginners. Dedicate a corner in your home for filming. Often times creators use clothing racks, chairs and mirrors as props in their videos. Set up your tripod and start filming! When you’re just starting off you can keep things simple and as you get comfortable with editing you can begin to film cool transitions and effects.

Daily Vlog

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Daily Vlog

via @sophia_kanaan

What’s an easier content concept than filming snippets throughout your day? Daily vlogs are big on Instagram Reels, and such a great idea for beginners. Start filming small clips throughout your day as you go. This can either be an average day for your or capturing a special event or trip. Find your favourite clips and put them together in chronological order to tell a story of your day. Add some music that fits your vibe and that’s it! This is also a great idea for those who are looking to come up with a reoccurring series, a little hack for having a consistent stream of content.

Get Ready With Me

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_GRWM

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If you’re not camera shy, filming a get ready with me Reel for Instagram is such a easy idea for beginners. And like daily vlog, it’s an easy concept to turn into a series. Film yourself getting ready for an event, work or any other event on your calendar. You can choose to start from the moment you wake up, or once you’ve gotten out of the shower. This is a really great idea for creators in the beauty, wellness and fashion niches. Share your skincare routine, morning workout or how you style outfits… whatever you do to get ready!

Sharing a Recipe

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Recipe

via @wellmadebykiley

Food creators are so used to sharing the final product, but what foodie doesn’t love watching a recipe come together? And food isn’t the only kinds of recipes you can film for Reels: cocktails, smoothies and even DIY beauty hacks all work too! You can either film yourself putting it together in a cooking show style, or film just the food as you’re preparing it. Trust us when we say everyone loves watching a good recipe on Instagram Reels.

Photo/Video Dump

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Photo Dump

via @caitlinaarmstrong

As content on Instagram is moving towards organic versus carefully curated, photo dumps have become popular. A photo dump is essentially sharing authentic moments you’ve captured that didn’t make it too the feed individually. You can also create Reels with these moments – both videos and photos. Shorten the clips to a few seconds each, add some audio and just like that you have a Reel. You can also try using Instagram Reel templates that will help you to sync your transitions to your audio.

Candid Videos

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas for Beginners_Candid Video

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Creators in the lifestyle and fashion spaces love candid videos. These paparazzi style videos capture you in your element “unexpectedly”. You can try filming while crossing the street, sipping on a coffee or doing your workout. It’s a great way to showcase a restaurant, travels or even your outfit. It also takes little to no thought behind the creative process since it’s just you being as you are.