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Looking for Instagram Reel ideas amidst a creative block? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just figuring Reels out or are simply just trying to find new ways to entertain your audience we’ve got some great inspiration to get you creating. But before we share let’s break down Instagram’s latest feature that’s got everyone talking.

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Instagram Reels have quickly become one of the most popular ways to create content on the platform. Launched during the summer of 2020, Reels was Instagram’s response to the rise in popularity of TikTok. Just like many of Instagram’s moves to replicate the competition, they were met with mix reviews. But in less then a year Reels have earned their spot on Instagram, being embraced by both creators and brands alike.

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What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are 30 second multi clip videos, similar to TikTok. Instagram provides a bunch of creative tools to add things like audio, text, emojis and other edits to create your videos all within the all itself. The main differences between TikTok and Instagram is the 30 second time limit for content, among a few other things. However the essence and even look of the two are extremely similar. This makes it easy for those used to TikTok make the transition over to Instagram Reels.

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Now that you’ve gotten the crash course it’s time to get creating with these fun Instagram Reel ideas!

Instagram Reel Ideas

1. Get To Know You

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A great way to introduce yourself or your brand to the world of Reels is by doing a “Get To Know You” segment. This is such an easy thing for both influencers and brands to create. Pick a few things you want to share with your audience and create clips to represent each of them. Brands for example might want to highlight things such as green initiatives, product selection or introduce their founders. For influencers you could cover topics such as where you live, the niche of content you create or fun facts about you.

2. Behind The Scenes

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas_Behind The Scenes

One thing that a lot of Instagram users are always interested in is seeing the behind the scenes of their favourite brands or creators. There are so many Reels that can be created from this one idea alone, which is what makes it a great one to keep in your arsenal. Sharing what goes on during a photoshoot or how you edit your pictures are great Instagram reel ideas for influencers and creators. For brands you can easily share the behind the scenes of creating a product, or services you offer.

3. Tutorials

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It’s almost as if Instagram Reels were perfectly created to share tutorials. Whether it’s sharing your go-to life hacks, favourite recipes or beauty routines it’s another one of those Instagram Reel ideas you’re sure to return to over and over again. The trick for creating a tutorial with Reels is to keep it quick and simple to understand. Things that require several complicated steps might not be the ideal topics to cover on Reels.

4. Before And After

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas_Before And After

Everyone loves a good before and after, so why not bring them to life on video with Reels? This is a great idea for businesses like salons, interior designers and other industries where visual reveals are everything.

5. Get Ready With Me

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas_Get Ready With Me
A great way for influencers and brands especially in the beauty space to jump into the game is by creating “Get Ready With Me” Reels. It’s an easy way to incorporate your everyday activities into your content so there isn’t much to think about. Sharing a peak into your daily makeup application or night time skincare routine are great Instagram Reel ideas that your audience is sure to love.

6. Outfits Of The Week

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas_Outfits Of The Week

Can’t always get that perfect shot of your outfit of the day for Instagram? Why not quickly snap some videos of your looks and put together an “Outfits of the Week” Reel? A great way to do this is to pick one particular area of your house (or neighbourhood) and shoot a quick little video of your look for that day. You can spice it up a little by jumping or twirling at the end of each video, to add to the transition to the next frame.

7. Reel/TikTok Trends

Wolf Global_Instagram Reel Ideas_TikTok Reel Trends

If you’re still looking for Instagram Reel ideas that go beyond what we’ve mentioned above, rest assured a weekly trend is sure to pop up. There are many Reel and TikTok trends that everyone can’t help but duplicate like that baked tomato and feta video that got everyone hungry.