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Finally all the struggling and heavy lifting when it comes to creating Reels. This past summer users starting noticing the latest Instagram update included Reels templates. Not only did this make the creative process a lot easier, but it encouraged those who were intimidate to get into the game. It’s no secret that in recent times Instagram’s algorithm has changed to favor Reels content. For those that are using the platform to build an online presence, this mean pivoting their content strategy.

However not everyone is a master at creating and editing video content. Creating Reels from scratch while might be easy for some, is a whole new world for many. This is why having Instagram Reels templates is such an important feature. It’s made creating Reels quick, easy and a lot more user friendly.

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What Are Instagram Reels Templates?

With Instagram Reels templates allow you to create Reels using predetermined clip lengths and amounts, set to pre-selected audio. Templates are generated by Instagram automatically with Reels that meet their specific criteria: Reels with at least 3 clips put together with Instagram created by public accounts.

In the early days of Reels creators had to take their time when it came to clip placement and lengths. One of the reasons Instagram Reels templates are so beloved is because they take the guess work out of syncing. You no longer have to struggle matching your clip lengths to your audio. They also provide some inspiration when you’re struggling to come up with content ideas.

How to Use Instagram Reels Templates

Find a Template

There are two different ways you can access an Instagram Reels template to start creating:

  • While watching a Reel, click on the Use Template button on the bottom left corner
  • While watching a Reel, click on the camera icon on the top right corner to access create mode, then swipe to Templates on the bottom center

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_HowTo1    

Once you’ve found your template you can start to put things together. A tip we recommend that many do is when you find a Reel with a template you like, save it! That way you can roughly plan content ideas through your saved Reels.

Upload Your Clips

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_Uploads

After clicking Use Template you’ll be taken to a creator mode with placeholders for you to insert your content. There you can upload your photos or videos that you want to include in the Reel. Tap on either the placeholders or Add Media button to select your content. Selected media will appear darken and have a circle with it’s order in the Reel. If you’re looking to change a specific clip within the Reel just click on it in the template.

Make Any Adjustments

Instagram Reels templates have the clip lengths predetermined. But if your desired clip is longer than the template length, you are able to select which portion of it makes the cut. When you select an individual clip you’ll notice at the bottom there’s a white box that shows the clip length. To choose which portion you include just move the box across the video or photo. When you’re happy with placement click the next button.

Add Final Touches and Publish

Now that all your clips are uploaded it’s time to add any final touches you want. Remember the audio is already predetermined for the clip. However you can still add other features like text and filters to any clip.

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_Publish

Once you hit next you’ll be taken to the final stages before posting, familiar to anyone who’s published Reels before. This is where you’ll add your caption, choose if it publishes to your feed and any location or account tags. You’re also able to set a cover image for your Reel. This can either be a frame from your Reel or an image of your choosing from your photo library.

When you’re ready you can either choose to save your Reel as a draft or publish it right away. Just make sure that you double check any drafts to make sure they are ready to be published. Some users have experienced small changes like their cover images not saving as they wanted.

External Instagram Reels Templates

For those that prefer creating Reels outside of Instagram there are some external tools you can use to create Reels. While they might not provide help with clip syncing to audio, they do help give some creative inspiration.


Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_Canva

Out of all the 3rd party tools for Instagram Reels templates, we think Canva takes the cake. Not only do they have the most options but they are so easy to create with. These templates include clip placeholders, animations and text. All you need to do is add audio (music or voiceover) on Instagram and prepare to publish!

There are styles for every type of branding, from minimal to rustic. And within templates you’re able to change things like fonts and color schemes to really personalize your Reel.


Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_Splice

Splice is one of those video editing apps that does it all. And making Reels is just one more thing it does. While Splice doesn’t have Reels templates we included them on this list because of how easy it is to create videos. There also isn’t that pressure of accidentally publishing before you’re done creating, which some appreciate. When adding content it already separates it into clips so all you have to do is adjust lengths and positions. You can also add sound effects and music. And while we recommending using audio from Instagram (including voiceovers) adding sound effects like traffic sounds or rain hitting windows can enhance your Reel even more.


Wolf Global_Instagram Reels Templates_Unfold

While Unfold is usually known as a tool for creating Instagram Stories, there are some templates that could be geared towards Reels too. There are some animated ones that incorporate just photos or a mix of video and photo animation to create content. Those who are still uncomfortable with video and want to add photo content will appreciate their templates.