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This summer saw an update to Instagram that included a new features giving content creators and users more ways to create. Instagram Reels is Facebook’s response to the rise in popularity of TikTok. So it’s no surprise that they’ve taken the platform by storm. Instagram Reels are 30 second multi clip videos that you can edit with visuals, audio and other tools. Like IGTV content, Instagram Reels can be shared on your feed, and with a public account reach the Instagram community on the explore page. Creators, brands and regular Instagrammers a like each have their own benefits and purposes for using Instagram Reels making it a tool you’ll want to no doubt include in your Instagram strategy.

So, what’s the deal with Instagram Reels, how do you use them and how can they be incorporated into your Instagram strategy? We’re going to dive all into that in more today!

What Are Instagram Reels?

Like we covered above, Instagram Reels are 30 second multi clip videos, similar to TikTok. Instagram provides a bunch of creative tools to add things like audio, text, emojis and other edits to create your videos all within the all itself. The main differences between TikTok and Instagram is the 30 second time limit for content, among a few other things. However the essence and even look of the two are extremely similar. This makes it easy for those used to TikTok make the transition over to Instagram Reels.

How Do You Use It?

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Image via Instagram

Before we dive into how you create with this new feature we thought we’d show you around it within the app. You can access Reels created by other Instagrammers a few different ways. First, you’ll probably start noticing Reels pop up within your Instagram feed – this is probably the easiest way to watch content. But you can also find Reels to watch directly on someone’s profile if they’ve created them by flipping to the newly placed icon on their feed, similar to IGTV. And just like with all other Instagram content Reels can by found by searching hashtags or the explore page. However one unique feature about is you can search by audio meaning you can find all Reels that used a particular song or audio clip.

Creating Instagram Reels

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Instagram makes it easy to start creating Reels.

  1. To access the editor, head to your Instagram Story camera, and swipe over to the Reels section.
  2. Next you can either choose to film new content or import clips from your phone.
  3. If you are filming directly from the app you can set all your tools to begin creating your Reel on the left hand side of your screen. Choose your audio, video speed, effects, Reel length (15 or 30 seconds) and clip length.
  4. Film your clips and get ready to share them on Instagram.

You can get a detailed run down of how to use and create Instagram Reels here!


Instagram Reels Content Inspiration

1. Makeup or Skincare Application

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels_Skin Care

Beauty or skincare blogger looking to make the jump onto Instagram Reels? Why not share a quick snap into your daily skincare routine or a makeup application session? Hairdressers can also jump at this content opportunity showing clips of a hair cut or colour transformation!


2. Food Plating

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels_Food Plating

Sharing a recipe might be a little tough on Reels. But that doesn’t mean foodies and restaurants have to shy away! There are still a lot of opportunities to create content with food within shorter clips. For instance, try sharing a quick breakdown of a dish plating, cake decorating or even snaps of you enjoying a meal to an empty plate.


3. Outfit Ideas

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels_Outfit

Reels are a great tool for fashion creators and brands who want to share style video content. Videos are also a great way to go beyond an image and show the movement of an outfit or items. There are so many outfit content ideas that can be done from OOTD posts to try on hauls, and even quick closet tours!


4. Real Estate Viewing

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels_Real Estate Condo

If you work in the Reals Estate or Home Design world there are a tone of opportunities with Instagram Reels. Get the attention of potential clients with captivating content on Reels like home viewings or before and after reveals. The short clips allows you to tease your audience with content that you can develop on via IGTV or other platforms such as YouTube.


5. Skit or Prank Videos

Wolf Global_Instagram Reels_Skit Pranks

One of the most popular ways Instagrammers are using Reels is to create fun skits or prank videos. A lot of the TikTok and old Vine creators have jumped to create in a way they are familiar with. The benefit to them creating on Instagram is they can take advantage of the worldwide audience of over 110 million users.