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Instagram Story editing apps something you’ve been Googling lately but seem to get lost in the infinity of options available? Or are just getting your Instagram account off the ground, trying to figure out what tools you should stock in your arsenal? We kind of know a thing or two about Instagram, especially when it comes to editing apps. We’ve shared a few articles on the Wolf Blog in the past about Instagram editing apps for posts, Lightroom presets and even the best tools for Instagram photography to help guide our readers with their content creation, so an article on Instagram Story editing apps is long over due.

Why is using Instagram Story so important?

Before diving into Instagram Story editing apps, let’s back it up a bit and understand why your Instagram Story is so important. Instagram Stories is extremely versatile, having a variety of usages depending on your Instagram needs from being an extension of your Instagram Feed to being a space for sharing additional or behind the scenes content. Many don’t realize that asides from Instagram Stories being an additional way to get seen, it also helps with your overall reach. This is extremely helpful for Instagram influencers and bloggers who rely on their reach analytics for their press kits when negotiating brand collaborations.

Can’t I Just Post to Instagram Story & Edit There?

Long answer short, yes you can. If fact most people publish Instagram Story content without any edits other than what’s available within Instagram, if that. But why be like everyone else? Using an Instagram Story editing app and going the extra step to customize your content allows you edit the slides you publish to your Instagram Story on brand matching your feed’s content. These customizations also help you to stand out from the rest of your competition attracting more followers and in the case of influencers and bloggers more potential brand collaborations.

The Picks


VSCO is legendary in the world of photo editing, but most don’t think of it when they’re talking Instagram Story editing apps. It’s a great app to do edits and add filters to not only images but more recently videos with a VSCO X subscription. Not all editing features on the photo side is available for videos, but it’s a great start and a sure sign that there is more to come from VSCO with video editing.

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kirakira+ is everyone’s favourite video app if they’re looking to add a little glitz and glamor to their content. This app adds a shimmering light effect to videos and pictures. You can shoot videos and photos, or upload from your camera roll. It’s the perfect Instagram Story editing app for makeup artists, bloggers and jewelry brands.

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Instagram Stories lets you write on your posts with a variety of font options but even then the editing options are pretty limited. If you’re looking for an Instagram Story editing app to add a bit of flare to your font, then HypeType is exactly what you need. This app is designed to add animated text to your images and videos and as a variety of fonts and animation options to choose from. HypeType is a favorite app of bloggers and Instagram influencers

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Do you have a video you need cut down for Instagram Stories? Or maybe it’s easier to record your video content all in one shot instead of in shorter cuts. Instagram Story has length limits of 10 seconds on slides, so Instagram Story editing apps like Storeo are extremely useful. Use this app to process any length video to 15 second clips that will be saved to your camera roll to be easily uploaded.

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Over is an app with endless possibilities that at first can seem a bit confusing to use but once you get the hang of it is sure to be one of your go-to Instagram Story editing apps. You can either use one of their templates or start your design from scratch depending on what you want and a great feature with this app is you can add more than one image to a canvas. Over has loads of features like backgrounds, stickers, fonts and more!

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy to use Instagram Story editing app to add fonts, collages and other simple edits then download Canva. It’s great for those just starting out with editing for Instagram Stories or who don’t want to overthink their content. Canva can be used on your phone or on a browser which makes it easy to edit anywhere!

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All these bells, whistles and fonts not your thing, but still want to add a bit of uniqueness to your Instagram Stories? Camcorder is a great choice of Instagram Story editing apps to keep it simple! With Camcorder, your content is given that old school camcorder vibe complete with poor quality and date stamp. You can either film your content within the app, or upload pictures and videos from your camera roll to be edited.

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InShot is another great versatile pick out of all the Instagram Story editing apps that can also edit other types of content. Choose the 9:16 ratio to get the Instagram Story format and have fun adding fonts, edits and backgrounds to your content! We especially love the blurred background feature with InShot that replicates the image used and blurs it as a background.

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Made by GoPro, Splice is one of those Instagram Story editing apps that surely knows a thing or two about video editing. With Splice, you can trim videos, cut out scenes and piece together clips to create videos. You can also add music and fonts to your video which is why we love it for editing Instagram Stories.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a gem of an app for social media content, so if you’re looking for an app that does more than Instagram Stories it’s an option for you. With Adobe Spark you can either use their templates or create your own designs and they have formats for all types of social media content from Instagram Story to Pinterest and Facebook page covers. It’s one of our favourite Instagram Story editing apps because we can create content for our feed and have a matching Instagram Story without too much work.

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We hope that with all the options out there, our list was helpful in narrowing them down allowing you to pick an app to use. Some of these apps might have everything you’re looking for, or for even more customizations you can use a few of them at once to create your Instagram Stories. Whatever Instagram Story editing apps you decide to use try to remember not to over do it, and allow your content to still shine through all the edits.