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Everyone knows that if you want to stay active on Instagram without overdoing it with posts, Instagram Stories are the way to go. You may not know this, but most people spend majority of their time swiping through Stories while on Instagram. In fact, the number of Instagram users that watch Stories daily is over 70%. And 25% of Millennials and Gen Z find products, brands and services from Instagram Stories. Plus, there are endless Instagram Story ideas that can be created. So it’s a great way to not only market products but also gain exposure with your followers.

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Instagram Stories is also a great way to quickly generate content. Plus with all the built-in features and endless apps available it’s also easy to create professional-looking content. But despite all that, it isn’t always easy to come up with Instagram Story ideas that fit you brand or business. Especially over last year as most content creators and influencers have been stuck at home. By this point we’re sure you’ve recycled through most if not all of your great ideas. So if you’re looking for some inspiration in the Instagram Story department, this list of content ideas is for you!

Instagram Story Ideas To Entertain Your Followers

1. Cook With Me

Wolf Global_Instagram Story Ideas_Cooking

Sharing your next baking adventure or favourite meal to make is a great way to keep your followers entertained. Even if you’re not a content creator who usually focuses on food. With all the worldwide lockdowns going on, most people have replaced going out to eat with home cooked meals. So why not help inspire someone’s next meal?

2. Q&A Session

Wolf Global_Instagram Story Ideas_Q&A

If you’re looking to not only entertain your followers but engage with them, hosting a Q&A session is a great Instagram Story Idea. The great thing about doing a Q&A is it doesn’t have to be a one time thing, You can host them weekly, switching up the topics each time. They’re also a great way for your followers to get to know you better beyond your Instagram feed, and get personal with them. You can also turn the table, and host a Q&A session asking your followers the questions. This is a great way to get to know your audience and gauge the type of content they’d be interested in seeing from you.

3. “Show Me A Picture Of”

Wolf Global_Instagram Story Ideas_Show Me A Picture Of

This has become a really popular thing as of late. You start by creating an Instagram Story and using the Questions sticker. In the field to include the question write “Show Me A Picture Of” and wait for your followers to reply with things they’d like to see. It can be anything from pictures of you in high school to pictures of your favourite place to travel to. Not only does this let you engage directly with your followers, but depending on the replies you can create quite a few Stories.

4. At-Home Outfit Ideas

Wolf Global_Instagram Story Ideas_At Home Outfits

It hasn’t been easy for style bloggers and influencers to come up with content during lockdowns. But getting dressed each day, even if it’s from PJs to sweatpants is a great way to stay productive during the day. So why not give your followers some inspiration with some outfit ideas they can wear at home? There are so many easy ways to execute this. You can do it in a “Try On Haul” format, which has become popular especially with the birth of Instagram Reels. Or you can stick to basics and share an image of your outfit, with each piece shared and linked in the following stories.

5. Makeup/Skincare Tutorial

Wolf Global_Instagram Story Ideas_Beauty Tutorial

A great way to stay active on your Instagram Stories is to share a makeup routine or skincare tutorial with your followers. Many beauty influencers and content creators do this all the time. And there are so many different ways you can do this. A popular way to share your beauty routine is by hosting a “Get Ready With Me” segment where you share your entire routine from skincare to hair. But you can also keep it simple by sharing your at-home facial routine or showcasing your favourite beauty products to use.