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Instagram is a top platform for marketing any business online because it is driven by visual content. So it’s obvious that a focus on quality Instagram content is key. But the time in effort put into creating videos and images for Instagram is only one part of the visual aesthetics. It’s also about how that content is placed within your entire Instagram feed. Many people and brands use Instagram themes as a way to coordinate content and create an eye catching feed. Selecting an Instagram theme for your small business helps establish your online identity while driving the direction of your content. These are two important steps we covered in our guide to Instagram for small business, which you can catch up on here.

When we say Instagram themes, we’re talking about the overall vibe of your feed. There are a lot of different ways creating an Instagram feed theme can be done. The most popular way this is done, is by using a consistent editing formula for your content. But small businesses who want to stand out against bigger brand name companies want to go even further. You can also choose to stick to an Instagram theme indefinitely or change it up based on marketing campaigns. There are so many ways for small businesses to take their Instagram content to another level helping to build an online identity.


Instagram Themes For Small Business


Tiled Grid

Wolf Global_Instagram Themes_Tiled Grid

A tiled grid is one of the easier Instagram themes for small businesses to manage. With this Instagram theme you create a checker board look with contrasting content. The contrast can be as easy as alternating between posting quotes on a colored background and photos like @TheShopFiles does. You can also alternate between posting types of content, like product shots and images of a person. The goal is to create a 1,2 pattern with your content, to get that checker board or tiled feed look.


Brand Colors

Wolf Global_Instagram Themes_Brand Colors

A popular Instagram feed theme for businesses is going with content using brand colors only. This is an easy feed aesthetic to achieve because your only restriction to creating content is ensuring brand colors are prominent at all times. Kylie Jenner’s @KylieSkin Instagram account is the perfect example of how keeping consistent with brand colors creates a stunning Instagram feed. Her sister Kim also does something similar with her @KKWBeauty page, sticking mostly to the brands neutral toned colors. She switches it up a little by using different colored themes based on the colors of the current collection being launched or promoted.


Clean & Simple

Wolf Global_Instagram Themes_Simple & Clean

Sticking to a clean and simple Instagram theme is a great choice, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially if your brand or products are known to be minimal. Fashion brand Oak & Fort’s Instagram page @OakAndFort is a great example of a brand known for minimalism carrying that identity into their online space. The minute you visit their Instagram page, its as similar feeling to being in their stores or purchasing one of their garments. And that is how you successfully create an online brand that is cohesive with your actual brand.


Collage Feed

Wolf Global_Instagram Themes_Collage

If graphic design is your thing or you have a small team that can help with the creatives, step up your game with a collage feed. This creates an endless flow between each piece of content you post giving your feed a scrapbook look. But you don’t have to be a graphic designer or tech pro like @JuniperOats to acheive this look. There are apps and templates available thanks to collages being one of the more popular Instagram themes as of late.


Mix & Match

Wolf Global_Instagram Themes_Mix & Match

Don’t think that a good looking Instagram feed requires a ton of work, and a well thought out theme. Going with a mix and match feel for your Instagram feed is something that can still catch the eye. It just has to be done right. The first trick to this is of course having top quality content. Without it your feed will just look messy. Then like we mentioned above, be sure to have a consistent edit you use on all images and videos. Uncommon James (@UncommonJames), a jewellery brand by reality start Kristin Cavalleri, is a great example of a mix and match Instagram feed done right.

Using Instagram feed planning apps are an important tool while trying create a theme for your Instagram feed. Checkout our article on feed planning apps here.