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The first key to great Instagram content is having an eye for photography or videography, but that is only a start. As with any craft or professional high quality, impactful tools can really make a difference with the quality of your content. If you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, we’ve listed our 5 Instagram tools that we think every content creator needs!

High Quality Camera

The first and really most important tool for top quality content is a good camera. With all the smartphone options and affordable compact camera options, quality images and videos are so much more accessible. Once you have a decent camera to capture your moments with you’ll notice an immediate improvement to your Instagram feed.

Photo/Video Editing Tools

Now that your image and video quality is improved thanks to your high quality camera, looking to add those finishing touches to your content with editor tools is a good idea. And using Instagram filters and edits are so 2013. Some content creators like to use computer based editors where others are fine with quick edits on their mobile phones. For desktop editing, there really is nothing better than Adobe Photoshop, Premiere & Lightroom, which is also available on mobile. If you’re someone who’d rather keep it easy and edit on your phone, apps like VSCO Cam and Adobe Clip are favorites amongst Instagrammers.

Good Lighting

As much as photo and video editors can do wonders, good lighting can be the make or break between good and bad content. Scheduling your shoots during peak sunlight hours can help you get the best shots. Of if your financial budget allows you can look at investing in some studio-quality lighting to get the perfect shots, which you can actually find for a pretty affordable cost. And if you’re really handy you can even try and look on Pinterest for some DIY lighting projects!

Props and Decor

Any seasoned blogger or content creator will tell you having Instagrammable decor and props really brings your content together. Start by finding Instagrammable spaces in and around your home where you can layout your shoots, whether it’s your latest outfit picture or a product flat lay. Next, find props and decor pieces that not only go with your content’s main focus, but that also bring it life and texture. Props like jewelry, flowers, candles and cute cellphone cases make great props, and using textures like marble, sheepskin and leathers as backdrops can really add that special touch to your images.

Tripod & Camera Remote

If you’ve mastered all the above and are still looking for that extra tool to help your content, you probably want to invest in a tripod and remote, both available for either phones and cameras. Tripods are a huge help in stabilizing your shots to get the optimal focus possible. Plus, when paired with a remote it can make getting your outfit pictures taken extremely easy and saves your friends, or boyfriend from constantly being your personal photographer.

Using these tools collectively will ensure you’re getting the best quality content for your Instagram feed and other social media channels. Although spur of the moment photos can sometimes be some of the best, our last piece of advice has to be to take your time when creating your content. Pairing these tools together with patience and attention to detail is what is going to set your photos and videos apart from the rest!

Stay tuned to the blog for more articles on Instagram tools for content creators!