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Whether you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, get exposure for sponsored post or have your latest product go big, landing your content on the Instagram Top Post page on is by far one of the best ways to get seen organically.

You’ve probably been browsing through your favorite hashtags looking through the top posts wondering how you can land your content there one day. Most people think its all by fluke, and as much as it really is all by random, there are some great tricks you can add to your social media strategy to improve your chances.

Post At Peak Hours

The best way to getting your content seen on Instagram is by there being active users online using the platform. The more engagement you can get immediately after posting, the more Instagram assumes your content is desirable and will push it to the Top Page. There are so many different recommendations on when Instagram’s peak hours are from 8AM to 9PM and everywhere in between. The best way to gauge peak hours is to think of when you yourself would actually jump on to check your feed: before work or school, during your lunch and in the evenings as you wind down from your day. If you have a Business Profile and are able to see where your followers are based out of, you can schedule your posts to match their time zone, if not basing of your own general works as a good guide.

Pick The Right Hashtags

Mostly everyone knows that hashtags are the key foundation to getting your content seen, but not everyone actually knows how to use them to their biggest benefit. For those just getting comfortable with hashtags, check out our article on improving your use of them. For the purpose of hitting the Top Posts sections, make sure you are using hashtags you have a chance of going “viral” for. To gauge this, look at the current 9 Top Posts for hashtags within your niche. Take the number of likes, and then comments on each post, and get an average number for likes and comments. These numbers will be the range that you’ll want your content to hit within its first 60 minutes of being published. This might take a little leg work, but when done right proves to work quite effectively.

Encourage Conversation In Your Caption

As we mentioned in the last two points above, generating lots of engagement within the first hour of your content being live boosts it in the ranks of popular content on Instagram. Likes are fairly easy to get, but getting good comments that are spam emojis can be a little more challenging. Encourage comments and get conversation flowing on your content by writing captions that either create a call to action, or ask a question. Keep the chat going by answering all your comments when possible, and even leaving open ended replies that will have them replying back to you. The more dialogue on your content is another indicator Instagram uses to deem something popular. Luckily we covered how to boost your Instagram comments with good captions last week on the blog.

Use Wolf Global Viral & Power Likes Groups

If you’re not using our Viral and Power Likes groups, you’re totally missing out on the full pod experience. These groups help improve your hashtag performance because they work on 5 post and 10 post cycles designed to move quickly and always be active. Our groups have follower minimums grouped in 1k, 5k, 10k, 30k, 50k, 100k and 500k which help place you with your peers which is another big indicator to Instagram that your content is popular. Engagement coming from accounts with high amounts of followers adds more points so to speak to your contents popularity rating, helping your boost to the Top Posts section. Use these groups first when you begin your drops to get the engagement going quick.

Purchase An Auto Likes Package

You’ve worked on getting conversation going in your comments, and are even using power likes pods to boots your content but getting that last bit within that 1 hour window to make it to the top is still proving to be hard. A lot of celebrities, global companies and your favorite household brands use auto likes as a way to push their content to the front of the line, so buying likes for Instagram to help boost you to the Top Posts is more common than you think. Auto likes packages work by sending likes to your posts automatically as you publish, generally within the first 15 minutes although you can customize delivery delays as you wish. We have a variety of packages available in our shop used by both pod members and non-pod users, click here to learn more!

Stay tuned to the blog for more content on how to land on Instagram top post page!