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Instagram has become so much more than a photo sharing app since it’s humble beginnings. Within the decade of its existence we’ve gone from pictures of our daily latte to a social platform with endless opportunities. Instagram birthed the Influencer, taking what was once the celebrities only world of product endorsements to the masses. Whether you’re growing your small business online or building a personal brand, eventually everyone ponders the idea of Instagram Verification. So what does getting verified on Instagram actually mean, and is there really a benefit to that coveted blue check?

What Is Instagram Verification?

Instagram Verification, and verifications on other social media platforms, came about early on. It was implemented as a way for brands and public public figures with high chances of being impersonated to prove their authenticity. Before the days of verifications, anyone could create an account on Instagram and claim they were Kim Kardashian or Sephora. But with verification, followers can be ensured they are following the real deal, and not an impersonator or fan account.

With the rise of Instagram Influencers, they too needed a way to sure their identities. As the platform grew, Instagram began expanding their verification program beyond big names and celebrities. Before the only way to get verified was to have a connection with Instagram, or have a PR agency who could initiate that process. And while those methods to get verified still exists, in 2018 Instagram expanded their verification process allowing users to request it directly within the app.

Can Anyone Get Verified On Instagram?

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Now just because Instagram made verification applications accessible to the public, it doesn’t mean just anyone can get approved. After all, the entire concept of being verified on Instagram is to validate your authenticity. So while anyone is welcome to apply for verification of their account directly within the app, there are some things that you need to meet their requirements.

While there isn’t a 100% clear path to victory, there are some things you can do to your profile and online footprint to better your odds of success. First, you want to make sure that your Instagram account clearly indicates who or what you are within the name and bio areas. If you’re looking to verify your Instagram business profile, make sure you actually have a business account with all fields filled. Verification of personal accounts or smaller influencers can sometimes be a little harder. So ensuring you have a creator account and your full name within your profile is important. And whether your account is for business or yourself, having some credible press available helps boost your credibility even further.

How Does Instagram Verification Work?

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Ultimately there are two ways you can get verified on Instagram. The first way is to apply yourself directly through the app. To do this simply go to your settings, then account and towards the bottom of the list you should have an option “Request Verification”. From that point just follow the steps and submit your application. Remember, just because you’ve applied doesn’t mean you’ll be verified. It could take several weeks before you hear back with an answer, in either case they’ll reply with the decision. Instagram allows you to apply again after a 30 day period if you get rejected.

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If you’ve tried to get verified without success, or want to better your odds of being approved you can always apply through a third party agency like us, Wolf Global. This application process is a lot different than submitting a request within the app. In fact, we don’t even require access to your account whatsoever. We work with PR agencies that have direct relationships with social media platforms like Instagram to get accounts approved. This process also includes building a full PR campaign around you or your business, that helps prove your authenticity and better the odds of getting the approval.

If you’re interested in working with Wolf Global for Instagram verification, or other platforms like TikTok or Facebook you can learn more here.

Benefits To Instagram Verification

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By now you’re probably wondering if Instagram verification is even worth it. Chasing the blue check can be seen as nothing more than an ego boost. But there are some valid reasons and benefits to getting verified on social media.

Increased Integrity

A great way to gain your followers trust is by being verified, the ultimate stamp of approval by Instagram itself. For brands with products or services, this helps give potential customers trust in what you’re selling. It can also help set you apart from your competitors who aren’t verified and help you stand out as a leader within your industry. For influencers and public figures that trust from your followers is just as important.

Social Credibility

Social credibility, otherwise known as social proof has always been one of the most important aspects of marketing. A social media verification took that concept to the digital age. Although followers have always been known as one of the key markers of social media credibility, verification is the cherry on top. It almost means that Instagram has marked you as worth following.

Early Access

Many don’t know this, but when Instagram launches new features it often rolls it out to verified profiles. Even before it starts regional rollouts. So when Instagram launched Music for example, it was all the verified accounts that got to test it out before it became available to the public. This early access allows those who are verified to take their Instagram game to the next level and get ahead of the trends. So for businesses and influencers using the platform to grow their brands this gives them that extra edge.

Avoiding Imitators

The whole reason for verification even existing is to avoid impersonations and imitators. And for anyone trying to build a legitimate brand for themselves, whether it’s business or personal, that’s a huge help. While being verified can’t completely stop the fake accounts, it does help users determine your account as the authentic one.

Is Instagram Verification Worth It?

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At the end of the day, the answer to this question depends on what your overall goals are. Obviously if you’re using Instagram for nothing more than your personal images, we don’t recommend verifying your account. On the other hand, if you’re looking to build your personal or professional brand this might be something you want to consider.

For business, we always think getting verified is the ideal next step if you’re looking to take your strategy online. With today’s changing ways many businesses of all sizes are looking to expand their customer base beyond their local communities. Shifting their business online whether it’s eCommerce or consulting services is a big priority; social media plays a big role in that.