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All this time at home during the pandemic has encouraged a lot of people to take on home decor projects. Spending your days in the same four walls can get a little boring. There’s only so much sourdough bread one can bake. Thankfully with online stores and as retailers have opened their doors, home improvement can now be a pass time. There are so many things you can do to spruce up your space. Whether it’s a simple paint refresh or taking on a big project like a kitchen rebuild. For those who aren’t looking for a big overhaul but want a refresh, changing up your home decor accessories can be a great options.

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Life post-pandemic is definitively going to be a little different. Influencers and bloggers who are used creating content at locations throughout the city need to adapt to the new normal. Shooting content at home is a way to output content while avoiding unnecessary exposure to the public. And creating aesthetically pleasing space in your home will make it that much easier for your content remain top quality. The great thing about using home accessories as props for your content is they also act as decor. So you don’t have to worry about storing items which is especially helpful for those living in smaller spaces like condos.

So whether you’re upgrading your space for content, or just looking to redecorate out of boredom checkout these home decor accessory picks that are sure to inspire you!


Instagramable Home Decor Accessories


Luxury Candles

Looking to add that final touch to your flatlays? Luxury candles are the perfect thing. Plus, they smell amazing in your home and look great on shelves and coffee tables. Some of the most popular brands for luxury candles are Diptyque, Jo Malone, Byredo and Le Labo. Luxury candles are no doubt an investment but for content creators or home decor lovers, one well worth it. These candles come in such beautiful containers that can easily be repurposed to hold make up brushes or for floral arrangements.

Shop Byredo Candles


Pampas Grass

Probably the biggest Instagram and home decor trend combined is Pampas grass. You’ve probably seen them along country roads, or all over Instagram. This wheat looking dried floral is actually known to be an undesirable weed. It’s a great way to add texture and life to your space, particularly for those who aren’t the best with houseplants. Pampas grass lasts forever, and it’s look improves with age. It’s available in a variety of sizes from floor height, to smaller bunches perfect for vanities or side tables.

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Antique Mirror

Getting a good outfit of the day shot is hard these days. We say bring back mirror selfies with a touch of glam. Antique mirrors are flooding Instagram feeds from full length sizes to handheld mirrors. Not only are mirrors a helpful way to get shots of your outfit or latest makeup look, but they’re a great way to open up your space making it seem larger.

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Coffee Table Books

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A classic home decor accessory that pretty much every home must have are coffee table books. These are large books, usually hardcover, that are mainly visually based. Coffee table books are a staple decor piece because they come in pretty much any topic imaginable, from travel to style. This makes them something that anyone can find attractive to add to their homes. Must-have coffee table books that any blogger or influencer should have in their collection include the Tom Ford book and Fashion: 150 Years of Couturiers, Designers and Labels.

Shop Tom Ford Coffee Table Book


Eternal Roses

Do you love flowers, but hate having to always replace them ever 7-10 days? Or maybe you just can’t keep them alive longer than 24hrs? Eternal roses might be a good fit for you. This floral trend started a few years ago exploding all over social media. Eternal roses are specially preserved roses that last at least a year, sometimes longer. They come in a variety of colours, and arrangement styles that fit your decor preferences. These are the perfect home decor accessory for flatlays, product shots or as props for outfit pictures. Venus Et Fleur is one of the most popular eternal rose companies, started in 2015. Today they ship all across the U.S. and to 50 international countries.

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