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Ever since social distancing took over back in March we’ve noticed a tone of content being shot at home. Whether it’s outfit pictures or home decor inspiration everyone is sharing a peak inside their living spaces. One thing a lot of these posts have in common are the most Instagrammable house plants ever. From giant Monsteras to mini succulents house plants not only add beautiful greenery into your decor, but make great props for Instagram content.

House plants have really become a huge home decor trend with millennials, with a lot of the more popular varieties constantly selling out. Keeping house plants alive might sound like a scary thought. Luckily a lot of Instagrammable house plants also come in artificial versions for those lacking a green thumb.

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Whether you’re trying to upgrade your home decor or looking for the perfect plant for your next Instagram post checkout our list of top 10 most Instagrammable house plants.


Top 10 Most Instagrammable House Plants



Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Cactus

There are so many different variety of cacti, both real and artificial. But we recommend giving a real one a try. Not only are cacti super popular but they are also super easy to take care of. You can find cacti in a wide range of different shapes, colours and sizes. Big ones take years to grow into that size so expect to pay a bit more if you’re looking for a larger sized cactus. Some of the most popular varieties of cacti include Barrel Cactus, Moon Cactus and the infamously tall Cereus.

How To Care: Cacti like soil that drains well, so it’s recommended you use a cacti/succulent mix soil. They enjoy lots of light, although some varieties can be prone to sun burns. Water your cactus every 7-10 days, ensuring the soil is totally dry.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Fiddle Leaf Fig

Always wondered what those tall indoor trees with large beautiful leaves you see all over home decor magazines and Instagram? You’ve probably been swooning over a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. These are probably the most Instagrammable house plants of the last few years, and their popularity isn’t going anywhere. Indoors a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree can grow up to 10 feet. But if you’re living in a smaller space you’re in luck — Fiddle Leaf Fig trees come in smaller sizes too.

How To Care: Because the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a tropical plant, it prefers humid and warm conditions. Avoid placing it near an air vent or any space where cool air blows. They thrive in lots of indirect sunlight so make sure wherever you place it in your home, it gets lots of sunlight. Water your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree weekly, and wipe the big leafs regularly to remove dust and help the plant breathe.


Chinese Money Plant (Pilea)

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Pilea

Pileas or better known has Chinese Money Plants can be a little hard to find but if you can get your hands on one they are stunning plant. Their smaller size makes them the perfect houseplant for apartments and small spaces. Pileas have round bright green leaves are super photogenic and are a great way to add some greenery to any decor.

How To Care: Place in bright space away from direct sunlight to avoid sun burns. To grow bigger sized leaves it’s recommended that you place the plant in some lightly shaded area. Pileas like to be rotated regularly to keep it’s balance in its shape. Water it weekly once soil is dry, and make sure you use a pot that provides good drainage.



Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Succulents

Another extremely popular plant with both gardening pros and green thumb challenged alike are succulents. Seen everywhere from home decor inspiration to wedding arrangements, succulents come in a wide rage of sizes, types and colours. Similar to cacti, succulents are easy to take care of and are a great pick for anyone who had less success with houseplants in the past. Their sculpture like shapes make them great plants for Instagram content. Popular varieties of succulents include Burro’s Tail, Snake Plants and Zebra Plants.

How To Care: Succulents need a pot with good drainage, in a cacti/soil mix. Water your plant every 7-10 days when soil is totally dry. Be sure wherever you place your succulent in your home that there is good sunlight.


Bird Of Paradise

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Bird Of Paradise

If you’re looking to bring some tropical vibes into your home and Instagram feed, you might want to consider a Bird of Paradise plant. They are often mistaken for a Banana Leaf Plant thanks to its massive green foliage. They are name for their majestic orange bird like flowers, that generally only bloom in the right outdoor conditions. Bird of Paradise can grow over six feet tall with proper care making them a great pick for adding some height into your space.

How To Care: Bird of Paradise plants need at least 4 hours of southern, western or eastern sunlight exposure. Also be sure to place them from any air vents. Leaves should be wiped regularly to remove dust and help the plant breathe. Bird Of Paradise plants enjoy moist, but not soaked, soil and avoid letting it dry out completely between watering. Don’t worry about splits in the leaves — they occur naturally to help get light down to lower leaves.



Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Pothos

For those who are looking for beautiful foliage that is fool-proof to take care of, get a pothos. There are so many types of pothos in a variety of colours to fit all decors. Pothos do best when placed on tall shelve or in a hanging basket because of their beautiful vines with heart-shaped leaves. They are so easy to care for, and even easier to propagate! If you’re looking for a plant to add some greenery to your bathroom, or other areas of your house with low light you definitively want consider a pothos!

How To Care: Pothos do well in bright indirect light, but can also tolerate low light conditions. They can be grown in both soil or water, although don’t like to be switched from one to the other. Water your pothos every week or so, letting the soil dry out in between. You can easily propagate these plants to share with friends or create new plants throughout your home.



Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Monstera

Another popular tropical plant that makes a great model for Instagram is the Monstera. Famous for it’s massive leaves with holes, it’s also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. There are two types of Monstera grown for house plants — Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii. Monstera deliciosa leaf grows grow towards the edges and open up while Monstera adansonii leaf holes stay enclosed. Both are totally Instagrammable house plants that make a great addition to any space.

How To Care: These house plants do best in medium to bright indirect sunlight. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight. Water your Monstera plant weekly, letting the soil dry out. Wipe it’s leaves regularly to remove dust and keep the plant healthy.


Air Plant (Tillandsia)

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Air Plants

Air plants are totally different from other house plants. For one, as the name suggests, they do not grow in soil which makes them perfect if you have pets that get into planters. These unique plants come in a range of varieties and product beautiful flowers in the right conditions. You’ll often find Air Plants in succulent terrariums or on their own in glass globes, they can literally grow anywhere you place them.

How To Care: Care for Air Plants is different than all other house plants. They require bright, filtered light. When it comes to watering, soak your Air Plant in water for 20-30 minutes every 10-14 days. Shake the plant to get all water out, and let it dry out completely before returning it to it’s place.


Parlor Palm

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Parlor Palm

There are so many different species of palm trees out there, and many make excellent house plants. Parlor Palms are one of the most popular indoor palm trees. You’ll also often find Parlor Palm leaves at your local florist for arrangements, because leaves can last over a month once cut from the plant. So if you’re low on space for a plant, you can easily add a couple leaves to a vase.

How To Care: Parlor Palms do great indoors because they are a low-light palm, but still need some bright filtered sunlight to do well. Water your plant ever 7-10 days, ensuring not to over water. It’s best to let the top inch of the soil dry out before re-watering.


Rubber Fig

Wolf Global_Instagrammable House Plants_Rubber Plam

Rubber Fig plants are totally underrated. Their beautiful dark green leaves have a rubber-like look (hence the name). They can be grown both as a medium sized house plant, or can become the focal point of any room when grown as an indoor tree. Rubber Fig plants aren’t as popular on Instagram as some of the other house plants on our list, but that doesn’t mean they don’t photograph well. And trust us, they definitively do!

How To Care: Place your plant in soil and a pot that drains well, they do not like to sit in water. Rubber Fig plants like lots of bright light, just not direct sun. Like with Monsteras and Fiddle Leaf Figs, be sure to wipe dust off the leaves regularly. Water your plant often to keep soil moist during it’s active seasons, and drop it to once or twice monthly when it’s dormant.


Creating content at home can be just as interesting as getting out around your city. And having some Instagrammable house plants to compliment your work definitively helps. Checkout our article on creating Instagram content at home for tips and inspiration.