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Whether you’re an up and coming influencer or a social media manager juggling several Instagram accounts there’s a lot of work goes into it. To stand out from the crowd on Instagram everyone knows that consistency and quality content is vital. And these days with the algorithms it’s even more important to measure your content’s performance. This helps you not only gauge what you audience is interested in but see how your efforts are contributing to your growth. While there are a lot of details that go into a successful campaign, focusing on managing Instagram content is one of the most important things you can do

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Having a strong content strategy is a great way to get organized but it’s only one of many puzzle pieces. You can spend hours or days putting together a strategy but without the right tools and execution it’s all for nothing. Things can begin to feel overwhelming especially if you find yourself managing multiple Instagram accounts. That’s why it’s important to be organized from the beginning and find tricks to simplify the process. There are also plenty of tools available that you can use for managing Instagram content that will make this part of your strategy a breeze.

Managing Instagram Content: Tips & Tricks

1. Build a Content Strategy

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Before you think about managing Instagram content you should focus on a content strategy. Putting together a plan in advance not only keeps you organized but gives you a head start on managing Instagram content. The best way to create a content strategy is to plan it out quarterly and built it out from there. How far you plan in advance is totally up to you. You can plan your entire year out, or go a quarter at a time. Once your plan is put together consider it a work in progress. Meaning don’t worry if you have to revise content ideas as you go along.

2. Stay Organized with Folders

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Now that you have a content schedule, you can start to create your content. But before you get started on that you should think about how to plan to organize it. Whether you’re using a cloud storage service like Dropbox or keeping your content on a hard drive you should think about creating folders. There are multiple ways you can organize your Instagram content. Some like to create folders based off of their content schedule, meaning they organize it by month and week. This is a great way to stay organized as a social media manager or if you’re running a business account. For influencers often times they are creating content in advance of posting it. So they may organize their content by brand collaboration or even categories like beauty and travel. The best way to go about organizing your Instagram content is to do what works best for you.

3. Create Content Ahead

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Consistency on Instagram is rewarded by way of their algorithm. Meaning the more you post on a scheduled basis the better your content will perform. Without creating a pipeline of content to work with this can seem a bit overwhelming especially if you find yourself managing multiple accounts. This is why building a content strategy is such an important tool for managing Instagram content. It gives you a schedule to work with based off seasons, holidays and your overall content goals, making it so much easier for you to create.

4. Use a Feed Planner

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Once you have your content ready to go it’s time to publish it. But if you’re someone who thinks an aesthetically pleasing feed is just as important as the individual quality of the content, use a feed planner. Not only do feed planner apps like UNUM help you visualize your feed ahead of time, it also helps you schedule your content to be posted. In addition to planning Instagram posts, this app also has the ability to create and plan Instagram Stories. So you can keep all your Instagram content planning in one space.

5. Set Posting Reminders

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It can be easy to forget to post while managing one Instagram account, let alone if you’re managing several of them. Scheduling a set time daily to post and interact on Instagram can keep you on track. Feed planner apps often have this feature built it, but you can also easily post reminders in your calendar.