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One of the best parts about Instagram is getting the chance to express yourself and who you are through your content. To be very honest, that’s a lot easier said than done. It took us months of refining, tweaking, and playing around with various editing apps to find a style we felt really fit us and that worked for our content style. We personally feel like finding that part of your personal brand on Instagram is the most tedious, but also the most important part of defining your feed. 

Your editing style also a really important part of making the all-too-important first impression when people come across your feed. Having cool, visually interesting edits can be the make or break between someone choosing to follow you, or not. Some of the most popular bloggers and influencers out there have very refined, distinct editing styles. It’s what has helped them to define themselves in a saturated market of influencers, and create value for their personal brands. Some of these bloggers, like @tezzamb and @fashionismyfortee, for example, have amassed such serious followings and admiration for their editing style that they have created their own photo presets for Instagram.

If you don’t know what a preset is, it’s essentially a fancy word for a photo filter. Picture VSCO filters, except these are blogger-made, and reflect their personal editing styles. Presets give people who are just starting out, or those who are trying to find a style that works for their feeds, a chance to achieve a similar look to some of the most successful bloggers in the industry.

Below we’ve highlighted some of our most loved photo presets for Instagram designed by bloggers in the industry. You’ve most likely come across these photos on your Explore page or follow some of these influencers on your own. Their unique editing styles set their content apart from the masses of other photos on Instagram and now, their helping you to achieve that same style and make it your own. Just a side note about the presets we’re including in our highlight below:  some of these presets are able to be use on mobile devices, and others are Adobe Lightroom presets, as most of these influencers built their personal editing styles on that program. To use the Lightroom presets, you will need to either already own the software or purchase it for download.

#1 Tezza Lightroom Presets by @Tezzamb

With arguably some of the best content and editing style on all of Instagram, Tezza from @tezzamb really led the trend of influencers releasing their own photo presets for Instagram. Tezza’s editing style has catapulted her to the top of the industry of influencers and has enabled her to monetize her talent and eye for color. These presets will run you anywhere from $60 for one preset to $180 for all of the presets she’s ever created. I know, you’re probably thinking, “wow, $60 is a lot for one photo filter.” Consistency is key to creating a cohesive Instagram feed, and it’s encouraged to stick to one or two of her presets to achieve that consistent look and feel. Logically, if you use her presets for every single photo, the price really pays off in the long run and is a welcome trade off for a more attractive feed. See below for some of our favorite @tezzamb photos, edited with her presets available for sale.

#2. TyFrench Presets by @tyfrench

Friend and fellow influencer of @tezzamb, @tyfrench has made a name for himself in the influencer world with the help of his absolutely flawless edits. Ty truly uses photo filters to their maximum potential to add a unique spin on his photos. I’d be shocked if you haven’t seen this blogger on your Explore page before. His content is next level and his edits are even beyond that. The great thing about the TyFrench Presets is that they’re available in both Lightroom and Mobile versions, so for those of you who either don’t have Lightroom or aren’t familiar with the program, there’s a mobile option. We also highly suggest that you go check out the site to shop his presets. There’s a number of before and after shots using his presets that illustrate just how impactful his edits are in taking a normal photo and making it extraordinary. See below for some of our favorite shots of his, using his TyFrench presets.

#3 Gergana Presets by @Fashionismyfortee

This babe has the most upbeat, colorful feed on Instagram. Her photo edits are vibrant, fresh, exciting, and it’s enabled her to reach a level of success that most influencers haven’t enjoyed. Gergana from @fashionismyfortee just began selling her presets recently and we’re honestly excited to see others on Instagram using her filters. If you use a lot of color in your feed, and want a way to accentuate those colors in a bold way, these presets are for you. This preset pack will set you back $100, but includes a number of different filters that she’s graciously categorized by use. Taking food photos? There’s a specific preset designed for that. In the sun? In the shade? There are designated presets for that too. Note that the Gergana Preset pack is only available for use on Adobe Lightroom. Check out the below shots for a quick look into just how amazing these presets are.

#4 Presets by @bonniecee

Favorite. Presets. Ever. Chances are, you’re unaware of who @bonniecee is, but to fill you in, she’s one of the top photographers in the world. You’ve undoubtedly seen her photography though her work with popular Australian retailer, Tiger Mist, or through her countless numbers of swimwear campaigns. Her presets are absolutely bomb and are applicable for almost any situation. She developed her own app, available for free download through the app store, with in-app purchases available if you want to access all of the presets she has to offer. If we do say so ourselves, her app has a number of amazing editing tools, like vibrance, exposure, grain, sharpness, etc. Super easy to use, even easier to achieve great looking photos. See below for a sample of her photography, edited with her amazing presets.

#5 Presets by @Debiflue & @Keeevsch

This power couple will inspire you to step up your photo game and plan a trip around the world, all at the same time. We’ve been loyal followers of @debiflue and @keevsch for years now and were as excited as the rest of their 1 million followers when they released their presets for sale. Like most of the presets for sale in the influencer space, Presets by @debiflue and @keevsch are only for use on Adobe Lightroom. If you’re wondering why all of these presets are on Adobe Lightroom, it’s because that’s the software that the top influencers in the industry use to edit their photos and achieve their signature looks. Yes, the software is worth the cost and the learning curve because it’s really that good.

#6 Presets by @BahamasPhotographer

Last, but definitely not least in our preset round up, are the presets by Gaby Rguez, whose better known as @bahamasphotographer. This island babe is one of the most popular photographers for blogger trips to the Bahamas, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you’ve seen her photography on top influencer accounts like @bridget and @caro_e. Gaby came out with her presets a little while back, but recently announced that her Lightroom presets are now available and able to be used on the Lightroom mobile app. While most of her photography is beach-based, the presets work flawlessly on anything from city street style to mountain landscapes. Check out some of the @bahamasphotographer photos and presets in the shots below.

As a closing note to this article on photo presets for Instagram content, we just wanted to remind you all of the magic that lies in individuality. It’s absolutely amazing that these bloggers, influencers and photographers have enabled so many people to achieve a cohesive look through their presets. That being said, it’s important to still stay true to you, your personal brand, and your personal aesthetic. These presets are made to enhance your own photos with a filter and editing style that compliments your personal brand. In no way, shape or form are these meant to turn all of Instagram into clones of each other, or turn you into the person whose presets you purchased. Yes, use these presets. Yes, enhance your personal style and look with them, but don’t lose your sense of self trying to be someone else or look like someone else. On that note, happy editing! We hope that these presets will be able to take your aesthetic to the next level. Checkout the Wolf Global blog for more Instagram content tips!