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Posing for Instagram content isn’t as easy at it seems, but it’s not as intimidating either. Posing for pictures and figuring out what to do with your body, hands and feet can be awkward. It takes a combination of knowing yourself, what looks good on camera and taking hundreds of pictures in each outfit to get one or two Instagram worthy shots. We can guarantee your favorite blogger or content creator spent a lot of time perfecting the craft of Instagram outfit photography.

Ahead of our tips for posing for Instagram content, we wanted to share a few of the basics we feel is crucial to quality content. First and foremost confidence is one of the most important things. If you feel awkward about posing for the camera or in front of people while shooting in public that will transfer over to the photos. It’s also important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing in front of the camera. A great outfit can take your confidence level from a 7 to a 10 effortlessly.

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Another thing you want to keep in mind is don’t think too hard about your poses. You want things to feel natural. It’ll show in your face and body language if you’re trying to hard or if the pose isn’t natural. It will take some time for you to find what works for both your style and body type so practising is important. Be prepared to taking hundreds of pictures with only a handful making the cut. Don’t get discouraged. Even the most seasoned bloggers, content creators and even professional models required hundreds of takes to get the perfect shot!


Posing For Instagram Content: Tips & Tricks


Tip #1:  Keep Yourself On Your Toes

Wolf Global_Posing For Instagram Content_Pointed Toe

Take a quick look at the full body shots on the feeds of some of your favorite Instagram models. Now take a look at their feet. More often than not the toes will either be pointed or the person in the photo will be on their tip toes. A pointed toe looks prettier, both in photos and in real life. If you’re short or are aiming to achieve a nice long, lean look, pointing your toes or getting up on your tiptoes will definitely help you. It’s the equivalent to wearing heels, without having to go through the pain of actually wearing them. The combination of pointing your toes with the photographer shooting from a lower angle, aiming slightly upwards, will make a 5 foot 2 inch person look 6 feet tall.


Top #2:  Create Shapes For Better Looking Photos

Wolf Global_Posing For Instagram Content_Create Shape

“Creating shapes” with your body is one of the most popular pieces of advice given around posing for photos. If you’ve watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model, you’ve heard Tyra Banks speak these words of advice to the contestants. Creating shapes with your body gives the photo dimension and while it may feel weird, it looks normal in the end photo. Next time you shoot, try putting your hand on your hip. That small action creates a triangle in the empty space created by your arm and the side of your torso. Lift your arm up and pretend to play with your hair, that also creates a triangle in the empty space created by your arm and your head.

Studying your favorite Instagram photos will help you to figure out which shapes are possible. Finding bloggers and content creators on Instagram with a similar style or body type is a great point of reference.


Tip #3:  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Wolf Global_Posing For Instagram Content_Practice With Mirror

One of the best ways to get better at posing is to pose in the mirror and get familiar with how your body looks in different stances. Yes, we’re suggesting that you stare at yourself in the mirror. A while back, we started trying on our outfits before shooting them specifically to practice posing in them. You wouldn’t pose the same way in a maxi dress as you would in a high slit skirt. Knowing the difference in those poses makes all the difference in your end photo. Practising your poses also helps you to loosen up and get more comfortable moving your body around in ways you wouldn’t normally do. The more comfortable you get with your own body, the stronger your knowledge of your angles will be. So, get in front of that mirror, practice, learn your angles and stick with them!


Tip #4:  Shoot With Other Bloggers/Influencers

Wolf Global_Posing For Instagram Content_Shoot With Others

Shooting with other bloggers or content creators is incredibly beneficial. Not only does shooting with others save money on a photographer, but it also can be a great learning lesson. A great way to learn how to pose or work an outfit is by learning from your peers. Everyone has a different way of posing for photos, and you can benefit from expanding by seeing how others pose in action. Shooting with other content creators also gives you a second line of defence. Content creators we shoot with have no problem suggesting a pose or helping to direct us. Other content creators know the aesthetic you’re going for. So their advice to “move 5 inches to the right” or to “tilt your head to the left” is invaluable in getting the perfect pose.


Tip #5:  Separate Your Feet

Wolf Global_Posing For Instagram Content_Seperate Feet

One of the keys to good posing is to look like you’re not even posing at all. Instagram photos are more casual then a head shot photo. So standing with two feet together will read as stiff and uncomfortable on your feed. Next time you shoot try separating your feet by taking a step forward, or slightly bending one leg. You’ll find that this will help you to achieve that casual look that makes posing seem so easy and natural.


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